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Choosing Whole Home Audio Systems: What to Know

Luxury  living room in a modern Chicago home with architectural Meridian speakers

We Help You Think Through What’s Important

Some people have called this the Golden Age of Audio. As an integrator that’s been around since 1966, we have seen many stages in the evolution of audio technology. And whole home audio systems are no exception. The transition to digital audio has created a wide array of products, such as IP-connected speakers, high-resolution audio capability, wireless streaming, and much more. These days, there are many solutions for multiroom audio for your Chicago, IL home. So how do you choose? 

There are many areas we could discuss, but for the purpose of this blog, we broke it down into three key things to consider. Ready to learn more? Please keep reading below. 

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You don’t have to choose the same speakers for every room and not even the same brand. For example, say you want speakers to disappear, such as in your dining room. You might choose something like Sonance’s excellent Invisible Series, which completely disappears as the name implies, with flush, grille-free installation  that can be finished over with the texture and finish of the walls. In a great room, perhaps you want the speakers to match the aperture of the ambient overhead lighting to blend right in. Speakers like James Small Aperture Series fit right in while providing surprisingly powerful sound. Do you have a listening room or a library where you want true hi-fi level sound? You could install Meridian speakers in that room, and you would control them all with the same multiroom system. 

Control System

There are dedicated multiroom audio systems and those that are part of smart home automation solutions. Perhaps the best-known audio-only system is Sonos, which makes powered speakers, soundbars, and streaming amplifier systems for driving other speakers. Sonos is best for smaller multiroom systems and can also be a great solution for integrating other audio systems you may already own, bringing them into a whole-home setup. But if you want a more comprehensive smart home, the multiroom solution a company like Savant offers will give you more functionality and flexibility. A Savant system can be configured to power different types of speakers and, most importantly, integrate your entertainment with lighting, shading, temperature control and more to create the perfect ambiance for enjoyment. 


Have you noticed how infotainment systems in cars are now highly important in choosing cars? The sizes of screens, the way you control the system, and the features it supports (like wireless Apple Carplay) can be deciding factors in the purchase because it’s an important touchpoint for today’s tech-laden cars. The interface to your audio system will matter here too. If you’re in love with the Sonos app, you might want Sonos or something that is driven by a similar smartphone or tablet interface. But you might prefer a customized remote control or even the option of a TV screen interface, which Sonos doesn’t offer but other solutions do. How you interact with your system will be a critical choice, as you will be using it everyday. 

From understanding your preferences in how you want to control your systems to how and where you like to enjoy your music and sound, Barrett’s Technology Solutions can help you acquire the whole home audio system that’s right for you. We work with you every step of the way to design and install  the solution that balances performance, functionality, aesthetics, and your budget. Want to learn more about multiroom audio systems and options? Get started by calling us at (630) 898-2850 or contact us here – we look forward to working with you!

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