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Discover Whole-Home Audio Solutions in the Hinsdale, IL Area

A sunroom with in-ceiling speakers and a TV above a fireplace.

Ready to Experience a Multi-Room Audio System Across Your Living Spaces?

Music has a powerful effect on us. It conjures up memories, transforms moods, and enlivens gatherings with friends and family. It’s hard to imagine life without it.

Despite its impact on our lives, we rarely give it the place it deserves in our homes. Kids walk around with earbuds, and Bluetooth speakers make their way to different rooms and outdoor areas. If we’re fortunate, there’s one room dedicated to the pure reproduction of sound, the listening room. 

A whole-home audio system changes that. Let’s explore the remarkable transformations this system brings to homes in Hinsdale, IL.

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Choosing Whole Home Audio Systems: What to Know

Luxury  living room in a modern Chicago home with architectural Meridian speakers

We Help You Think Through What’s Important

Some people have called this the Golden Age of Audio. As an integrator that’s been around since 1966, we have seen many stages in the evolution of audio technology. And whole home audio systems are no exception. The transition to digital audio has created a wide array of products, such as IP-connected speakers, high-resolution audio capability, wireless streaming, and much more. These days, there are many solutions for multiroom audio for your Chicago, IL home. So how do you choose? 

There are many areas we could discuss, but for the purpose of this blog, we broke it down into three key things to consider. Ready to learn more? Please keep reading below. 

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Add the Wow Factor to Your Projects with Integrated Whole-Home Video


Sleek, Unified Video Systems Deliver Seamless Entertainment Throughout the Home

As homes become smarter and more sophisticated, homeowners look for more ways to make it easier to manage their homes. One area that has typically been a source of frustration for many is the management of audio and video entertainment. In the AV and smart home industry, one of the fundamental reasons homeowners bring us in is to integrate audio and video equipment to make it easy and intuitive to use. No one likes multiple remotes, interfaces, and methods of doing the same thing in their home.

As just about all audio and video entertainment has converged on digital formats, you might think things have become more straightforward. To some extent, they have, but the plethora of content options, equipment, and video and audio formats still presents considerable complexity. One way to decrease the complexity is to plan for integrating whole-home video and audio systems from the start in your new Chicago, IL residential projects. Not only will it add a wow factor to your builds, but your clients will appreciate the benefits outlined below.


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