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Empower Your Smart Home with Savant Power

A Savant Power energy module installed next to a washer and dryer.

Thanks to Savant Power, Smart Energy Management Has Never Been Easier!

Your vacation smart home in Lake Geneva, WI, is your pride and joy, but managing it when you are away isn’t always easy. To make matters worse, rising energy bills have been giving you a headache lately, and you are looking for a way to reduce costs and make your place more energy efficient. If this sounds like you, our team of technology integrators at Barrett's Technology Solutions is here to help!

With a new smart energy management system, such as Savant Power, managing your home down to the last circuit has never been easier. In this article, we will learn more about Savant Power systems and the different ways they will optimize energy consumption at your vacation home, whether you are there for the day or not.