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Extend Your Living Space with Beautiful Outdoor Lighting

Coastal Source lighting illuminating a porch at night.

Comprehensive Outdoor Lighting Design with Coastal Source and Barrett’s Technology Solutions

As homeowners extended their living spaces and embraced outdoor living, barbecues gave way to full kitchens, and entertainment grew to impressive outdoor TVs and landscape sound systems. Others turned backyards into retreats, an oasis for the soul. Whichever approach appeals to you, there’s one feature that benefits them both—outdoor lighting design

Outdoor lighting has transformed significantly, with today’s manufacturers giving us the ability to create enchanting spaces with lights. While they still extend the gatherings and help keep us safe, they also develop places of immense beauty and mystery. The night is, after all, the time when lights change a space from a pretty landscape to a romantic setting or a lively celebration. 

At Barrett’s Technology Solutions, our design team partners with Coastal Source, the world leader in outdoor lighting and audio. Together, we create the outdoor living area of your dreams. Let’s see how it’s done and how we’re transforming backyards in Lake Geneva, WI, into works of art.