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The Benefits of Working with a Lutron Shade Dealer


Transforming Your Experience with Natural and Electric Light

Today’s lighting designer incorporates stunning lighting and elegant controls to create a seamless experience that enhances your home’s environment in remarkable ways. At Barrett’s Technology Solutions, a Lutron shade dealer serving Chicago, we partner with global leaders in lighting design and control while collaborating with electricians to ensure predictable outcomes you can rely on. 

Are you ready to uplevel your design and enhance your everyday experience? With automated shades and lighting, you can transform the atmosphere in a heartbeat. Let’s discover the possibilities.

Why Partnering with a Home Automation Integrator Is Essential

An open kitchen space

Create the Ideal Living Spaces with Ease

Home automation has become integral to modern living, and homeowners expect the latest technology in their new builds! From smart lighting and climate control to whole-home security systems and voice-activated assistants, the demand for connected homes is skyrocketing.

For designers, architects, and contractors, meeting this demand requires a deep understanding of home automation systems and the expertise to integrate them seamlessly into new builds. This is where partnering with a home automation integrator becomes invaluable. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of working with our team!

How to Amplify Your Backyard Beauty with the Right Outdoor Audio

A Coastal Source’s Razor Speaker used as a planter on the side of a pool.

Explore the Solutions that Combine High Performance with Sophisticated Aesthetics! 

A beautifully landscaped backyard is your personal oasis. It offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Whether you're hosting a summer barbecue for your friends, enjoying a quiet evening under the stars with your family, or simply relaxing with a book on your own, the right soundtrack can elevate the experience. However, what happens when you want to combine the joys of nature with the fun of your favorite music and podcasts? Many homeowners are hesitant to add high-quality audio equipment into their outdoor spaces because they don’t want to disrupt their nature-focused aesthetics with technology.

Fortunately, with the right outdoor speakers, you can have the best of both worlds and enjoy superior sound while maintaining the beauty of your backyard. So, if you find yourself googling “backyard audio solutions near me” in hopes an AV company can help you find the right technology, keep reading to find out more about the innovative devices that can beautify the outdoor areas in your Oak Brook, IL, home.

Make the Most of the Seasons with Outdoor Shades


Treat Your Family and Friends to Luxury Outdoor Comfort

Extending Chicago living areas into the great outdoors is more popular than ever. These are the spaces where you gather with family and friends, enjoying good food and drinks and long conversations amidst nature’s beauty. For some, it also means integrating the latest outdoor entertainment with concert-quality audio systems and outdoor TVs that deliver breathtaking images. 

Others prefer a quiet retreat, a personal oasis with fountains and firepits amidst relaxing and beautiful landscapes. No matter your preference in outdoor design, there is one item that ensures greater comfort and convenience, particularly in the windy city. That item is outdoor shades.

At Barrett’s Technology Solutions, we partner with industry leaders in outdoor automatic shades. Let’s explore what they offer and how they make outdoor living that much better.