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Lutron, Luxury & Motorized Shades

A staircase between two windows featuring Lutron Triathlon shades. 

Check Out the Power and Versatility of Lutron’s Battery-Powered Motorized Shades 

As technology continues to evolve, so does the way we live and work, which explains why luxury smart homes are becoming increasingly popular in Lake Geneva, WI. 

Some homeowners may want to build their first smart home, while others want to make their luxury homes just a bit smarter. And as unique as each project is, most of them tend to have one technology in common: motorized shades! Not only do smart shades add an element of luxury and privacy, but they also contribute directly to lighting and climate control, leading to better energy efficiency at home. 

When it comes to motorized shades, Lutron is the industry standard in luxury and engineering, and as a certified dealer, Barrett’s Technology Solutions carries all their latest products! 

Read on to learn more about Lutron, their motorized window treatments, and which ones may best fit your home!

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Outdoor Automated Shades Provide Beauty and Protection

Outdoor motorized shades halfway lowered around a patio with fans, seating areas, and a grill.

Extend Your Living Space with Outdoor Motorized Shades

Homeowners have been extending their living spaces for some time, creating enchanting retreats where they enjoy food, good company, and relaxing afternoons. Today’s technology makes adding entertainment to the mix easier than ever. High-fidelity outdoor speakers deliver immersive audio across expansive estates, and 4K UHD outdoor TVs provide incredible lifelike images in brilliant colors. 

Outdoor entertainment has never been better. There is, however, another technology that defies the elements, enabling homeowners to truly enjoy the great outdoors no matter the weather in Chicago, IL. The latest outdoor automated shades take outdoor living to the next level. Let’s explore how these motorized shades enhance your comfort and convenience.

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How to Create an Oasis On Your Deck With an Outdoor AV System

An outdoor patio optimized for entertainment.

Optimize Your Outdoor Space for Cinematic Entertainment

If you live in Chicago, IL, there’s a good chance you want to enjoy premium outdoor entertainment. With technology from leading brands and a streamlined design, you can listen to all your favorite music, movies, sports, and more from your roof deck or patio. Keep reading to see how you can create a cutting-edge outdoor AV system.

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Extend Your Living Space with Beautiful Outdoor Lighting

Coastal Source lighting illuminating a porch at night.

Comprehensive Outdoor Lighting Design with Coastal Source and Barrett’s Technology Solutions

As homeowners extended their living spaces and embraced outdoor living, barbecues gave way to full kitchens, and entertainment grew to impressive outdoor TVs and landscape sound systems. Others turned backyards into retreats, an oasis for the soul. Whichever approach appeals to you, there’s one feature that benefits them both—outdoor lighting design

Outdoor lighting has transformed significantly, with today’s manufacturers giving us the ability to create enchanting spaces with lights. While they still extend the gatherings and help keep us safe, they also develop places of immense beauty and mystery. The night is, after all, the time when lights change a space from a pretty landscape to a romantic setting or a lively celebration. 

At Barrett’s Technology Solutions, our design team partners with Coastal Source, the world leader in outdoor lighting and audio. Together, we create the outdoor living area of your dreams. Let’s see how it’s done and how we’re transforming backyards in Lake Geneva, WI, into works of art.

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