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How Can You Create the Best Media Room on the Block?


Barrett’s Technology Solutions Gives You More Control of Your Entertainment Spaces.

You want your home media room to stand out. Imagine creating an entertainment space, with the help of a certified integrator, that becomes the talk of your Chicago, IL, neighborhood. With Barrett’s Technology Solutions, your dreams can actualize into a cool, polished environment that you’ll be proud to enjoy by yourself or with friends.

Picture stepping into a media room uniquely designed for you, pressing one button and seeing your favorite titles appear on the screen. Settle into your favorite chair and sink into a comfortable escape for hours. Sound enticing to you? Here’s how to make your dream a reality.

Explore the Best Screen Options for Your Home Media Room


Take Into Account Style, Lighting, and Viewing Preferences When Choosing

How do you know what display would be the best fit for your media room? Getting optimal video quality while maintaining your tailored interior décor requires the right technology. In this blog, we’ll highlight three installation options ideal for luxury homes in Lincoln Park or throughout the greater Chicago area.

Naturally, all families and their spaces are different, which is why we want to highlight three unique approaches instead of merely focusing on product recommendations. We’ll discuss flatscreens first since they are still the go-to option in home media rooms. However, there are impressive new projectors and screen technologies to consider.