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Our Process

As technology takes center stage in collaboration, security, training and client acquisition for businesses, having a reliable partner from the start will result in a seamless installation and a more immediate return on your investment. Each project we undertake comes with the same underlying promise: meeting the highest standards while delivering projects on time and budget through a tried-and-tested, cost-effective design, consulting and installation process.
  • Discovery Process
  • System Design & Engineering
  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Implementation Process
  • Service & Support


Our team delivers innovative smart home design, engineering and installation services for low-voltage lighting control, whole house speaker systems, video distribution, networking security and more for clients in Greater Chicagoland and Wisconsin’s Lake Geneva area. Our client-focused approach provides tailor-made solutions with maximum scalability, reliability and flexibility. Finding imaginative solutions that directly tackle budget, building, or workforce constraints is our central mission, whether we’re designing a new conference room in a Gold Coast office tower or implementing a complete home automation system for a Naperville luxury property.

Our Team Guides You Every Step of the Way

Many AV technicians take on a salesperson role with their clients, focusing on selling the most expensive system and components. Forging a lifelong relationship requires a different approach: that of a facilitator. Our certified staff is proud of their knowledge and eager to answer questions for new and existing clients. Not only can we help with your initial needs analysis, but our staff will work with your team through every step from design to ongoing training and support. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team below to get started on your next technology project.

1. Discovery Process:

The project begins with discovery, the part where we listen to our client’s needs and desires. The interviews are relaxed but specific as we look to fully understand and balance constraints, budgets, and requirements. We also meet with partners like architects, builders, and designers to understand how the technology integration fits into the overall project scope. Examples of discovery include assessing the size and seating needs of a home theater, whether an entire house or only part of it will be managed by a lighting control system, and much more.

2. System Design and Engineering:

Our team then translates that initial needs analysis into a comprehensive design with the necessary documentation for all your smart home automation, AV, networking, or security systems. Our design documentation highlights the overall strategy and details complete specifications, component information and implementation criteria. We use CAD technology and structural drawings to develop in-depth documentation of labor requirements, low-voltage wiring infrastructure, lighting loads, rack elevations, and engineering schematics.

The professional engineering documents are vital to ensuring all parties can collaborate with the same understanding of the project’s scope and how it integrates into the overall home construction or remodel. Careful documentation ensures the final project matches approved design expectations, speeds the process of acquiring state and city permits, and allows the entire project team to seamlessly integrate the technology into your home.

3. Project Management:

A smart technology project takes effective planning, organizing, and allocating of resources to ensure on-time completion and desired results. We provide a dedicated project manager that oversees all the details and maintains constant and consistent communication with the client, architects, designers, builders, subcontractors, and trades to ensure everyone is on the same page. In this phase, the detailed design and engineering documents serve as the record for all parties for every aspect of the project.

4. Implementation:

We have invested in an advanced system implementation process that enables us to minimize disruptions to clients while installing the systems onsite. It is quite different from the way many other integrators deploy technology solutions. Rather than doing all the integration at the client site, we have created a specially designed physical deployment space where we can ensure the system works as planned before we install it in the home. We assemble, rack mount, and prepare neatly color-coded, labeled, and organized wiring connections to prepare systems for easier and faster installation on site.

This prebuild and preconfiguration process allows us to test the system before we bring it to the home, ensuring that items like lights are correctly activated, audio works, and other components function and work as they should. This unique approach also allows us to do the programming and configuration of the system offsite, saving additional time and disruption in the home. Clients also benefit from a dedicated, highly trained, and experienced installation team whose overall goal is an exceptional client experience and lasting relationship.

5. Service and Support:

While an excellent job of planning and project implementation will minimize the need for support, we offer several methods of support to fit your needs. We can provide 24/7/365 support where we can monitor, update and repair systems remotely. For issues that require an on-site visit, we have a dedicated and experienced service team available. It’s important to note that our installation and support teams are separate, so support resources will not need to draw technicians from teams working on other installation projects. Our projects also include an appropriate level of client training on their new systems to ensure a great experience.