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Elevate Your Alfresco Experiences with Outdoor and Landscape Lighting for Your Chicago, IL or Lake Geneva, WI Home


Why Do I Need Outdoor Lighting?

Your home is a hub of luxury and beauty; why let it disappear after dark? Professional outdoor lighting services showcase your property's finest attributes, turning it into a night-time spectacle. Beyond aesthetics, it enhances outdoor usability, safety, and security.

Barrett's Technology Solutions' outdoor lighting systems extend beyond basic fixtures. Discover how our beautiful lighting designs illuminate your home’s architecture, landscape, and unique characteristics meticulously.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetic Appeal

Elevate your property's nighttime allure with Barrett's Technology Solutions' sophisticated landscape lighting. Our designs spotlight your home’s architectural beauty, creating an enchanting atmosphere.
Highlighting Architectural Fixtures

Emphasize your home’s facade and architectural details, such as dormers, balconies, and columns, showcasing them in their best light.

Creating Ambiance in Outdoor Spaces

Brighten your patio, pool, and backyard, crafting inviting spaces for memorable evenings under the stars.

Increased Curb Appeal

Increase the value of your property by enhancing its beauty past sunset.

Improved Functionality

Manage your lighting system with ease through user-friendly wall keypads, apps, remotes, or voice control.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Brighten outdoor areas to navigate easily and deter potential intruders, enhancing your family’s peace of mind.
Intruder Deterrence

A brilliantly lit exterior keeps unwanted guests at bay, ensuring your property remains a sanctuary of peace.

Enhanced Surveillance

Combine outdoor lighting with your security for improved visibility, activating automatically upon detecting motion.

Better Visibility

Shed light on pathways and steps to create a well-lit space that everyone can navigate with ease.

Impression of Occupancy

Give the impression of a lively and occupied home while you are away. Smart lighting systems can mimic human activity patterns, and illuminate your backyard and walkway areas automatically, providing an additional security measure.

Designing with Outdoor Lighting

The magic lies in skillfully mixing diverse lighting styles for a visually striking effect. Explore Barrett's Technology Solutions' lighting technology to uncover the perfect ambiance for your home.
Path Lighting
Guide every step with elegance. Our path and bollard lighting not only ensures safety but also adds a touch of sophistication.
Security Lights
Cast a protective glow over your property. Strategically placed, our security lighting fosters a secure environment.
Wall Lights
Set the mood in open-air spaces with stylish wall lighting, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.
Landscape Accent Lights
Celebrate your garden’s vibrancy with lights that accentuate trees, statues, and water features.
Hanging Lights
Create focal points or enhance outdoor living spaces with durable, stylish hanging lights.
Underwater Lights
Enrich your pool’s ambiance with underwater lighting, merging beauty with nighttime pool safety.
home at dusk with lighting

Pool Lighting

Adjust your pool’s mood with customizable lights, controlling color and intensity for the perfect swim.

Walkway Lighting

Merge style with functionality, making every pathway welcoming and safe.

Wall Lights and Sconces

Enhance your home's exterior with sconces that provide ambient lighting, adding charm and character.

Security Lights

Ensure a secure perimeter with lighting designed for safety, providing both deterrence and illumination.

Pendant Lights

Bring indoor elegance outdoors with pendant lights, designed for durability and year-round beauty.

Landscape Lights

Enhance your landscape’s natural beauty with soft lighting, highlighting the elegance of your outdoor space.

Why should outdoor lighting be smart?

Missing out on smart lighting means missing out on comfort, convenience and countless personalization options. Experience unmatched convenience and customization with smart controls that transform the mood and ambiance of your outdoor environment with the touch of a button or intuitively align with your daily patterns.

Energy Efficiency

Maximize energy efficiency and customize your outdoor lighting installation to fit your lifestyle, —all without lifting a finger!
Adaptive Brightness
Achieve perfect lighting anytime, with smart systems that adjust brightness based on natural light, ensuring ideal ambiance.
Automated Energy Savings
Utilize sensors to automate lighting, reducing energy consumption without compromising comfort.
Automatically illuminate your landscape and pathways at dusk, with lights turning off as daylight returns, aligning perfectly with your daily routines.


Tailor every outdoor moment with adjustable lighting settings, easily managed via a smartphone app for the ultimate personalized ambiance.
Personalized Ambiance
Set the scene for any occasion, from serene night swims to vibrant patio gatherings, with customizable temperature colors and intensity.
Scene Setting
Easily save and activate your favorite lighting scenes, adjusting the mood of your outdoor space with a simple command.
Voice Control and Geofencing
Enjoy the convenience of voice controls and geofencing, adjusting lighting settings automatically as you arrive or depart.


Smart lighting installations offer unparalleled ease, allowing remote management and integration with your broader smart home ecosystem.
Remote & Automated Control
Control your outdoor lighting from anywhere in the world, ensuring perfect illumination whether you're home or away.
Integration with your system
Integrate lighting into your smart home for a unified, efficient lifestyle, enhancing convenience and security with a single command.
Choose your favorite control method—app, remote, voice, or keypad—for effortless lighting adjustments, anytime.

Why Should I Hire A Professional?

Thinking of DIY? Discover why Barrett's Technology Solutions' expertise makes a difference with our professional design, knowledge of safety regulations, and integration with home automation systems that ensure a perfect setup from the outset.
Trust Barrett's Technology Solutions for flawless execution, backed by years of expertise and a dedication to excellence.
Our professionals are adept at safely installing both low and high-voltage lighting, minimizing any risk of malfunction.
Barrett's Technology Solutions offers bespoke lighting, far beyond off-the-shelf options, ensuring a perfect fit for your home.
Achieve stunning results efficiently, with Barrett's Technology Solutions' streamlined process delivering unmatched value.
Compliance and Permitting
Compliance and Permitting
We manage all compliance and permitting, ensuring your project meets local regulations without hassle.

Rediscover Your Home’s Nighttime Charm with Landscape Lighting

Rekindle your love for your home with the help of a professional outdoor lighting company like Barrett's. Are you ready to explore the possibilities? Contact us to start your project today.