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How Can You Create the Best Media Room on the Block?


Barrett’s Technology Solutions Gives You More Control of Your Entertainment Spaces.

You want your home media room to stand out. Imagine creating an entertainment space, with the help of a certified integrator, that becomes the talk of your Chicago, IL, neighborhood. With Barrett’s Technology Solutions, your dreams can actualize into a cool, polished environment that you’ll be proud to enjoy by yourself or with friends.

Picture stepping into a media room uniquely designed for you, pressing one button and seeing your favorite titles appear on the screen. Settle into your favorite chair and sink into a comfortable escape for hours. Sound enticing to you? Here’s how to make your dream a reality.

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Sense of Style

Why settle for a generic concept of what a media room “should” look like? Barrett’s Technology Solutions artfully crafts your media room to your exact specifications and preferences to help it reach its full potential. During a one-on-one consultation, let Barrett’s Technology Solutions know what themes, movies, or sports team inspire you and we can design with that in mind.

Comfort is just as important as well: what is your preferred mode of seating, for example? Some close-knit families prefer communal setups, with loveseats and sofas, while diehard movie buffs might want some traditional theater seats added into the mix. We’ve never heard a request too unique for us to handle.

Surround Sound

When building your sonic environment, we take equipment, speaker placement and soundproofing into consideration to create audio that feels dynamic and lifelike. We use only top-quality speakers, like Meridian and Sonance, and position them so that you catch every layer of Dolby Atmos-enabled sound. These speakers stay hidden within ceilings and walls to ensure they don’t clash with the rest of your décor.


Lighting lets you add variety to your media room. When you’re using the space to entertain, use lighting control to power up brightness or use a more energetic color temperature for chatting with guests. When it’s time for the movie, keypads, remotes and even voice activation can dim your lighting control. With custom scenes like “Party” or “Movie Time,” your lighting, A/V, shades and more responds to your commands in seconds to prepare the room.

Our choice lighting partners, Lutron and Savant/USAI, use LEDs that allow users to control the brightness and color temperature independently, giving homeowners many personalized lighting designs to choose from, such as warm dimming, bright whites and everything in between.


Though your TV takes center stage when you’re watching it, it doesn’t have to be the centerpiece of your home media room at all times. If you prefer that seamless look and feel, we can install CinemaFrame technology, so your TV and media room equipment blend right into the wall, letting other design elements stand out.

We also can install furniture lifts, ceiling lifts, moving panels and more to streamline your design so that guests see more than just a TV room when they enter.


You won’t get the full benefit from your high-tech display if there’s a distracting glare in your field of vision. Fortunately, motorized shades prevent annoying glare by filtering the sunlight that enters your room. Not only can you see the screen from anywhere, but you can also block excess heat for added comfort.

Want to find the perfect media room design for your Chicago home? Reach out to the experts at Barrett’s Technology Solutions by calling (630) 898-2850, filling out our online form, or visiting our Naperville design center, where you can experience this technology for yourself.

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