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Bring the Cinema Experience to Your Home Theater with Kaleidescape


You May Never Want to Go Out to the Movies Again

Are you looking to revamp your home theater design? Many Illinois homes have had dedicated theater rooms for years now, but how long has it been since you upgraded yours? In the past several years, many new features have added new dimensions to home theaters – 4K/HDR projectors for sharper pictures with significantly enhanced contrast and color, Dolby Atmos audio for a realistic “in the scene” experience, and a plethora of streaming video services with more content than ever before.

If you're already enjoying some of these upgrades, perhaps there's one you don't know about. It adds convenience, the highest quality audio, and video experience, and maybe best of all, eliminates just about any reason to ever go out to the movies again. What is it? It's the Kaleidescape system, the ultimate movie player for your Chicago home theater. Read more below to learn how Kaleidescape is like having your very own movie theater.

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The Digital Movie Collection

Back in the olden days, the first movies for home viewing came on VHS tapes. Many families collected a large set of movies on tapes. When DVD discs came along, the enhanced quality, sound, and convenience replaced most of those collections. Then came Blu-ray discs, and the cycle repeated, although Blu-ray players could play the older discs, too. Now with 4K Blu-ray, once again, sound and visuals are improved. Do you see a problem here? 

Physical collections take up space and must be manually well organized. Plus, modern Blu-ray discs tend to take their sweet time to load, even in the best player equipment. In this current day and age of point-and-click instant streaming, your old movie collection looks so…1990s. You might be saying – forget it; I'll just stream everything.

Well, maybe. One issue you may encounter is that the film you want to stream isn’t on any streaming service. Or, perhaps you can rent it if you find it, but the quality is not the best because it’s not a current title in high demand. What if you want a movie collection that’s instantly available in a couple of taps? That’s what Kaleidescape is all about.

Kaleidescape movie players and servers put a host of your favorite movies at your fingertips. Curated directly from studio masters, you’ll get the highest quality video and audio for every movie, not a watered-down version with stereo audio when it should be surround. 


Watch It All

The Kaleidescape system is not just for maintaining an old movie collection. With over 12,000 titles available, you get access to hard-to-find older titles as well as the latest blockbusters. Plus, you also get access to an extensive collection of TV shows and concert videos, which are even more enjoyable in the highest video and audio quality.

The quality difference cannot be overemphasized. If you've invested in high-quality audio and video equipment for your theater, you want to feed it the best quality content for the ultimate experience. You might be asking, can’t I get 4K video and Dolby Atmos surround sound from streaming devices like Apple TV or Roku and services like Netflix? You can, but you may be surprised to learn that even with high-quality formats like these, bit rates matter.

For example, Kaleidescape delivers high-bitrate audio that is up to 10 times more than the typical streaming service! The video bitrate is up to four times higher than streaming on Netflix. In digital technologies, more bits mean more information, and that translates to sharper, higher contrast video and richer, fuller, deeper audio. You will see and hear the difference! Hear the deepest bass rumble in explosions, feel the helicopter blades slicing the air overhead, and enjoy dark scenes like never before with an astounding level of video detail unveiled on your large screen

The Kaleidescape system also distinguishes itself with supreme ease of use. Browse movies and shows quickly with cover art and look at detailed synopses of plots, actors, and more. The Kaleidescape app on an iPad makes it easy to explore genres, actors, directors, reviews, and more, as well as curated collections from Kaleidescape’s movie experts. When you see something that you want, you can add it to your collection with a couple of taps.


Are you ready for a new level of home cinema entertainment with Kaleidescape? Call us at (630) 898-2850 or contact us here with your questions – we look forward to working with you!

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