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How to Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle


Invest in Technology Designed to Improve Your Overall Wellness

Every client we work with has a different reason they want to integrate smart home technology. In the past, this has included a yearning for greater security or more immersive entertainment. Getting a more streamlined approach to technology, both in aesthetics and functionality, is another common motivation. Health usually has not been part of that conversation, but that may be about to change.

Recently, technology has emerged that improves homeowner wellness and health in various ways. How exactly does it achieve this in your Naperville, IL, home? This blog highlights three technology innovations from our partners Delos that put wellness at the forefront. See how circadian lighting, air purification, and water purification will transform your lifestyle.


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How Circadian Lighting Helps You Stay Healthy


Improving Your Overall Wellness Starts with a Smart, Healthy Home

Natural light makes you feel better. Why do you think people like going outside to enjoy the sun? It’s not just to get a tan. There’s something biological that’s happening. Natural light helps to regulate our wake and sleep cycles, as well as provide energy for the synthesis of vitamin D. When you get the right amount and hue of light throughout the day, you’ll discover that your mood, sleep, and overall wellness improve.

Technologically based wellness companies, such as Delos, integrate “healthy” lighting that promotes a healthy home indoors. Circadian lighting, as it’s called, is accomplished through tunable fixtures from Ketra that change in color temperature and intensity throughout the day to mimic the sun’s natural progression across the sky. The result? You’ll wake refreshed, enjoy more energy throughout the day, and go to bed peacefully. Read more to learn how installing circadian lighting in your Chicago, IL, home can help improve your overall wellbeing.

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