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How to Amplify Your Backyard Beauty with the Right Outdoor Audio

A Coastal Source’s Razor Speaker used as a planter on the side of a pool.

Explore the Solutions that Combine High Performance with Sophisticated Aesthetics! 

A beautifully landscaped backyard is your personal oasis. It offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Whether you're hosting a summer barbecue for your friends, enjoying a quiet evening under the stars with your family, or simply relaxing with a book on your own, the right soundtrack can elevate the experience. However, what happens when you want to combine the joys of nature with the fun of your favorite music and podcasts? Many homeowners are hesitant to add high-quality audio equipment into their outdoor spaces because they don’t want to disrupt their nature-focused aesthetics with technology.

Fortunately, with the right outdoor speakers, you can have the best of both worlds and enjoy superior sound while maintaining the beauty of your backyard. So, if you find yourself googling “backyard audio solutions near me” in hopes an AV company can help you find the right technology, keep reading to find out more about the innovative devices that can beautify the outdoor areas in your Oak Brook, IL, home.

Make the Most of the Seasons with Outdoor Shades


Treat Your Family and Friends to Luxury Outdoor Comfort

Extending Chicago living areas into the great outdoors is more popular than ever. These are the spaces where you gather with family and friends, enjoying good food and drinks and long conversations amidst nature’s beauty. For some, it also means integrating the latest outdoor entertainment with concert-quality audio systems and outdoor TVs that deliver breathtaking images. 

Others prefer a quiet retreat, a personal oasis with fountains and firepits amidst relaxing and beautiful landscapes. No matter your preference in outdoor design, there is one item that ensures greater comfort and convenience, particularly in the windy city. That item is outdoor shades.

At Barrett’s Technology Solutions, we partner with industry leaders in outdoor automatic shades. Let’s explore what they offer and how they make outdoor living that much better.

Extending Your Living Space with Breathtaking Outdoor Lighting


Discover the Best in Outdoor Entertainment and Relaxation 

It’s that time of year when we spring-clean our patio furniture and grills in preparation for the festivities of another beautiful outdoor season. Whether you enjoy extravagant garden parties, poolside barbeques, or relaxing in a hammock under a full moon, now’s the time to create the space you’ve dreamed of in your Hinsdale home.

Here, we’ll explore the many ways people are transforming their outdoor areas from party central to a quiet retreat and an oasis after dark. No matter your inclination, creating inviting spaces that offer the best in outdoor living is good for the mind, body, and soul. Extending the celebration into the night requires today’s outdoor lighting.

Celebrate Spring with Friends, Food, and an Outdoor Audio System

A group of people in a home’s outdoor area toasting glasses next to a table with food.

The Perfect Pairings for Outdoor Gatherings: Good Food, Wine, and Music

You can always tell when spring has arrived in Chicago, IL. Bicyclists appear en masse, emerging from winter’s slumber with a smile. Cottontail rabbits start popping up everywhere and Michigan Avenue brings its stunning display of tulips. Spring is here!

While it’s not quite time for summer festivals, it is time to consider your first spring gathering with friends and family. Yes, it’s time to prepare our backyards for the coming months of outdoor dining, barbecues, pool parties, and quiet nights under a full moon. 

To provide some inspiration, we’re exploring how to elevate your first outdoor get-together with great food, excellent wine pairings, and an outdoor audio system that will create an unforgettable ambiance your friends will long remember. 

Elevate Everyday Living with an Outdoor Theater System


Experiencing the Best in Home Entertainment

For many, a home theater brings to mind a room with enhanced acoustics, in-ceiling surround sound speakers, brilliant images on a wall-sized movie screen, and tiered custom recliners. It’s an entertainment space that rivals the commercial venues in Lincoln Park, IL.

Others envision wide open spaces, movies under the stars, and surround sound technology that fills the air. For those people, nothing quite compares to an outdoor theater system

Let’s explore the state-of-the-art AV, lighting, and smart technology that helps our team at Barrett’s Technology Solutions turn backyards into masterpieces of outdoor entertainment—a customized oasis of enchantment, intrigue, and fun.

Become Energy Independent with a Savant Power System

A man charging an electric vehicle. Overlayed is a smart phone displaying the Savant App with the Savant Power System.

Creating a Greener Chicago Home with Smart Technology

Many homeowners are looking for opportunities to reduce their energy consumption, whether due to environmental concerns or wanting to lessen their reliance on the grid. To accomplish this, they’re turning to renewable energy and sustainable solutions. One of the leaders in this sector is the Savant Power System, an energy management solution that allows you to live a life of luxury while reducing your carbon footprint. 

Here, we’ll take a closer look into this remarkable system and what it offers homes in Chicago, IL.

Discover the Best Options in an Outdoor Speaker System

A pool with lounge chairs and a Sonance landscape speaker by a tree.

Experience Stunning Realism and Breathtaking Sound

Can you feel it? Those interludes of sunlight and warmth are edging us closer to spring, preparing us for the beautiful seasons that lie ahead. Soon, hosting al fresco dinners and enjoying friends and family poolside will be the norm in Oak Brook. 

It’s the time of year when many homeowners start considering enhancing their outdoor spaces. One of the improvements that enriches the time spent outdoors, no matter the activity, is an outdoor speaker system. Today’s systems rival those found indoors, bringing high-fidelity music to your backyard oasis. 

Let’s explore the latest advancements in outdoor audio systems and how you can enliven any event, from lavish dinner parties to relaxing with the family. 

Experience the Beauty of the Quiet Ceiling

A modern home with an open floor plan and the DMF iX Series, small aperture light fixtures in the ceiling.

Discover DMF Lighting and Their iX Small Aperture Series

As technology advances, so do the capabilities of luxury home lighting. One of the latest trends is light fixtures that leave a minimal footprint yet deliver impressive illumination. Both designers and homeowners are embracing this latest technology as a way to elevate entire homes with exceptional lighting derived from a sleek, minimalistic aesthetic.

At Barrett’s Technology Solutions, we partner with DMF Lighting, a leading company in the manufacturing of the highest-performing LED downlighting fixtures that integrate with home automation systems. Their contribution to the quiet ceiling revolution has elevated home design and how we illuminate luxury homes throughout Burr Ridge, IL. 

Let’s explore this latest design trend and the remarkable features found in DMF fixtures.

Discover the Best Time for Technology Integration in Your New Home

A group of people working with building plans.

Ensure a Seamless Blend of Technological Functionality and Aesthetics

Home automation has become an integral part of our lives. It’s no longer an afterthought when people consider building a new home in Chicago, IL. Today, the common question is, when do we involve integrators in the building process, and how will technology integration impact our home’s design?

Here, we’ll explore that topic in depth, ensuring soon-to-be homeowners gain the best technology solution that enhances, instead of detracts from, their new home’s aesthetics.

Discover Whole-Home Audio Solutions in the Hinsdale, IL Area

A sunroom with in-ceiling speakers and a TV above a fireplace.

Ready to Experience a Multi-Room Audio System Across Your Living Spaces?

Music has a powerful effect on us. It conjures up memories, transforms moods, and enlivens gatherings with friends and family. It’s hard to imagine life without it.

Despite its impact on our lives, we rarely give it the place it deserves in our homes. Kids walk around with earbuds, and Bluetooth speakers make their way to different rooms and outdoor areas. If we’re fortunate, there’s one room dedicated to the pure reproduction of sound, the listening room. 

A whole-home audio system changes that. Let’s explore the remarkable transformations this system brings to homes in Hinsdale, IL.

Today’s Lighting Control Offers Enhanced Convenience and Well-Being


Let Your Smart Home Manage Your Light Effortlessly

Can you imagine our world before electric light, when candles, oil lamps, lanterns, and a fireplace provided the only illumination? The first electric light bulb didn’t come along until the late 1800’s. The first light switch was soon to follow and, in many homes, is still being used. 

According to Business Insider, light switches will one day become obsolete, replaced by smart lighting. For many homeowners in Lincoln Park, IL, that day is already here. 

Today’s lighting control systems offer incredible, easy-to-use technology that mimics the natural patterns of activity, enhances well-being and productivity, and deters burglars. Let’s explore how lighting has transformed our world and if it’s time to join the smart lighting revolution before the light switch goes the way of the dodo. 

How Smart Security Cameras Have Transformed Home Security

A person installing a Luma security camera by the front door.

Today’s AI-Smart Security Systems Offer Once Unimaginable Protection

Smart technology has transformed many aspects of our lives, not the least of which is home security. Today, artificial intelligence has taken the progression one step further. Today’s AI-smart security cameras learn daily patterns, detect unusual behavior, differentiate family members from strangers, and much more.

Essentially, the performance, effectiveness, and new capabilities introduced by smart technology have created a level of home security that was once unimaginable. 

At Barrett’s Technology Solutions, we remain at the forefront of today’s innovative technology, staying current in a landscape that changes almost daily. Let’s explore the changes today’s smart security cameras have brought to homeowners in Burr Ridge, IL, and the surrounding areas. You may find it’s time for a home security upgrade. 

A Premier Home Automation Company Explores the Latest Technology

A home office with bookshelves lining the walls, a control touchscreen on the desk, and a TV.

Discover What Smart Homes Are Made Of!

As smart home technology goes mainstream, homeowners are exploring the immense possibilities, often one step at a time. They may start with a smart lightbulb before adding a smart thermostat and, eventually, a smart oven. These devices provide convenience, letting users control them via their smartphones.

They are, however, far different than a home automation system. 

As a home automation company serving Chicago, IL, for almost 60 years, we’ve witnessed incredible technological advancements. Today’s smart home is an ecosystem of integrated systems and devices working together to create the ideal environment, perform everyday tasks, and enhance a home’s beauty.

Let’s explore the many devices and components in home automation and how they come together to create a lifestyle once unimaginable.

The Digital Family Life: How Our Daily Activities Depend on a Strong Home Network

A woman working on the computer on the kitchen counter while her son colors next to her.

Go on smoothly about your daily activities with a robust connection!

For the modern family, integrating technology into daily routines is nothing new. In fact, it is now an inherent part of everyday life. For this reason, ensuring your home has a robust home network is key. Whether you need it for remote work, online education, or simply to enjoy your smart home to the fullest, a strong connection is the backbone of the modern household. 

In today's blog, we'll dive into the importance of investing in a reliable home network to enhance the efficiency and connectivity of family life in Hinsdale, IL, fostering a seamless blend of technology and daily activities.

Elevate Your Home with Ketra Lighting


Open Up a World of Illuminating Benefits

Home lighting is not merely functional; it's an essential aspect of creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere across your living spaces. Ketra lighting is a high-end lighting solution that takes your Chicago, IL home’s illumination to a whole new level.

Offering a vast range of benefits that extend from stunning aesthetics to enhanced wellbeing, Ketra lighting from Lutron can transform your living space into a sanctuary of luxury and comfort. In this blog, we’ll dive into the many benefits of incorporating Ketra lighting across your property. Keep reading below for more. 

Innovative Design Additions for Your Home Theater Project

A cozy home theater with leather chairs, large screen, and a StarField ceiling

Expert Insights from a Professional AV Integration Team

Luxury living takes on a new dimension with home theater design that goes far beyond the standard fare of crisp audio and stunning visuals. 

At Barrett's, we understand that home entertainment is more than merely what you see and hear. Imagine enjoying movies, TV shows, and sports in a newly immersive way, transporting you from the comfort of your home in the Hinsdale, IL, area to the heart of a story. Keep reading to discover exciting design choices you can incorporate into your home theater upgrade!

3 Ways to Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with a Home Audio Installation

A couple dances happily in the middle of their living room.

Relive your favorite memories with the power of sound!

In the tapestry of our daily lives, entertainment is woven into some of our most cherished memories. They have the power to transport us back in time, evoking the emotions and experiences of days gone by. Whether you want to relive the 80s, the 90s, or go way back to the 50s, our home audio installations allow you to bring back your memories in a simple yet entertaining way. 

In today’s blog, we’ll explore three unique ways home audio can help you relive those special moments in your Lake Geneva, WI, home. Let’s dive in!

Elevate Your Lifestyle with the Luxury of Motorized Shades

Transform Your Chicago Home with Smart Shading

Can you imagine walking into your Magnificent Mile penthouse, pressing a button, and completely changing the ambiance, night or day? That’s the magic of motorized shades, which can reveal a gorgeous sunset over Lake Michigan or the twinkling lights of the Chicago skyline. Motorized shades are functional window treatments, but also so much more. Explore the many ways motorized shades can elevate your lifestyle below. 

Experience the Joys of Lutron Lighting

Discover Smart Control Systems that Offer One-Touch Ambiance 

From the invention of the light bulb to today’s voice-activated assistants, the concept of home technology has evolved exponentially over the years. This whirlwind of technological evolution has been a boon for homeowners looking for the latest features and functionality that make home life in Chicago, IL, more luxurious, sophisticated, and convenient.

Below, we’ll delve into what it could be like to live in a home with professionally designed and installed Lutron lighting control technology from Barrett’s. Keep reading!

High-End Audio: Discover the McIntosh Difference

A McIntosh high-end audio amplifier sits atop a credenza in the listening room of an Illinois home.

Elevate Your Listening Enjoyment

In the world of high-end audio, few names carry as much weight and reverence as McIntosh. For those in Hinsdale, IL, and across all of Chicagoland, who have a penchant for unparalleled sound quality, the allure of McIntosh's legendary performance is undeniable. McIntosh products are revered by audiophiles and music lovers worldwide for their ability to convey the emotion and passion of a musical presentation. From the famous blue power meters to the imposing and iconic styling, McIntosh Labs continues to set the benchmark for high-end audio craftsmanship and sound quality. Learn more about McIntosh below and how it can elevate your listening enjoyment