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Celebrate Spring with Friends, Food, and an Outdoor Audio System

A group of people in a home’s outdoor area toasting glasses next to a table with food.

The Perfect Pairings for Outdoor Gatherings: Good Food, Wine, and Music

You can always tell when spring has arrived in Chicago, IL. Bicyclists appear en masse, emerging from winter’s slumber with a smile. Cottontail rabbits start popping up everywhere and Michigan Avenue brings its stunning display of tulips. Spring is here!

While it’s not quite time for summer festivals, it is time to consider your first spring gathering with friends and family. Yes, it’s time to prepare our backyards for the coming months of outdoor dining, barbecues, pool parties, and quiet nights under a full moon. 

To provide some inspiration, we’re exploring how to elevate your first outdoor get-together with great food, excellent wine pairings, and an outdoor audio system that will create an unforgettable ambiance your friends will long remember.