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The Designer’s Guide to Hidden Technology

A luxurious Chicago master bedroom featuring a TV rising from a niche at the foot of the bed.

Keep Interiors Stylish with Tech that Hides in Plain Sight

As a designer, you strive to strike a balance between form and function. Homes must be functional places for everyday life, but they are also a reflection of your client's taste and lifestyle. One of the biggest challenges in the yin and yang between form and function is how to incorporate technology into your projects cleanly. 

Fortunately, while today’s AV and smart technology might be lacking in design aesthetics, there are quite a few ways to conceal it and make it appear on demand. And with smart home automation, making it appear and disappear is even easier for your clients. Let's explore a few ways to use hidden technology in your Chicago, IL, projects to keep them stylish without skimping on the tech and entertainment your clients want.