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Experience the Beauty of the Quiet Ceiling

A modern home with an open floor plan and the DMF iX Series, small aperture light fixtures in the ceiling.

Discover DMF Lighting and Their iX Small Aperture Series

As technology advances, so do the capabilities of luxury home lighting. One of the latest trends is light fixtures that leave a minimal footprint yet deliver impressive illumination. Both designers and homeowners are embracing this latest technology as a way to elevate entire homes with exceptional lighting derived from a sleek, minimalistic aesthetic.

At Barrett’s Technology Solutions, we partner with DMF Lighting, a leading company in the manufacturing of the highest-performing LED downlighting fixtures that integrate with home automation systems. Their contribution to the quiet ceiling revolution has elevated home design and how we illuminate luxury homes throughout Burr Ridge, IL. 

Let’s explore this latest design trend and the remarkable features found in DMF fixtures.