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Can the Cans: Upgrade to Modern LED with the Help of a Lighting Retrofit Company

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Updating Your Lighting Might be Easier than You Think

What’s one of the things that can transform the way you see your home? The lighting. Many homes have basic lighting packages. Unless you built a completely custom home or did a very extensive remodel, your home lighting might be making do with the basics. You may have overhead can lighting in the ceilings for ambient light, but these are fairly basic and generally fall into the category of budget fixtures. 

But here's the good news. Since you have all the electrical wiring in for those cans and the switches that control them, replacing them with modern LED lighting is not arduous. Why would you want to do that? LED is up to 80% more efficient than those incandescent floods and spots you may still be using. And if you have newer, more efficient CFLs, those are eclipsed in efficiency by LED, and LED is instant on versus the annoying minute that it takes CFL to warm up to full power. 

So why not easily upgrade those existing cans in your Chicago, IL home with modern, flexible, aesthetic lighting? It’s easy with the help of a lighting retrofit company. Keep reading to learn more! 

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DMF Lighting

DMF is a leader in LED modular lighting. Their unique designs make it easy to retrofit modern lighting into existing wiring. For example, their DRD2 and DRD4 downlights offer fixed and adjustable downlights. A variety of trims in different standard sizes provides a tremendous variety to design choices. There are flangeless, hyperbolic, round on square, and pinhole trims to go along with classic round and square. There are even wall wash trims to bathe a decorative or art-filled wall with light. DRD2 and DRD4 can deliver up to 1500 lumens of light, which goes beyond the brightest floods for your old can. And the new LEDs won't generate the significant heat that those floods do. 

Need bright lights for very high ceilings? The DCD3 and DCD4 downlights are a higher lumen system for those applications. The DCD4 is adjustable, so you can precisely aim the lights where you need them. 

Another excellent aspect of modern LED lighting like DMF is warm dimming. These LEDs dim to the level of candlelight to create a beautifully warm atmosphere and ambiance. And the dimming is precise without the hum sometimes experienced with incandescent lighting. 

Bulb Replacement and Lighting Control

Another option for lighting retrofit is bulb replacement. While replacement LEDs are widely available, they’re not all the same. Many don’t dim particularly well. Commercial-quality bulbs from manufacturers such as Soraa are tested with a variety of dimmers for precise control. They are available in standard sizes like BR30 floods and in two color temperatures to suit your preferences. 

When we talk about dimming, it’s important to also talk about lighting control. You can dim and control these lights with regular switches, but lighting control is much more precise, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. Systems like Lutron’s RadioRA 3 use proven wireless technology for easy retrofit installations with minimum wiring installation. With RadioRA 3, you can use elegant multifunctional wall controls for lighting control and other smart home functions like automated shading and window treatments. When upgrading lighting, consider the ultimate upgrade to lighting control to take full advantage of LED lighting. 


Barrett's Technology Solutions can show you all the options for modern lighting retrofits. In addition, our recently finished lighting lab helps you envision how lighting will work in your home. Get started with your lighting upgrade by calling us at (630) 898-2850 or contact us here – we look forward to working with you!

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