How LED Lighting and Smart Control Can Transform Your Home


A Look at the Latest in Lighting Control and Design 

LED technology may not change everything, but it is changing many things you interact with every day – and practically every minute. For example, the screen you are reading this on is likely lit by LED technology, whether it's your smartphone, tablet, desktop monitor, or laptop. While we don't think you are reading this on your flat-screen TV, one form of LED technology or another has revolutionized those screens, too.  

When it comes to home lighting, LED is a sea change there, too. LED lighting uses up to 80% less energy than Edison’s incandescent invention. Compared to still popular but rapidly declining compact fluorescent technology, LED still wins in flexibility, environmental friendliness, and energy efficiency.  

Combine the remarkable flexibility and efficiency of LED technology and smart lighting control systems, and you can transform the way you illuminate your Lake Geneva, WI home. Keep reading to see how.  


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LED Lighting 

We mentioned the efficiency benefits of LED lighting and alluded to its flexibility. No previous type of lighting in the past was flexible with regard to white color temperature or displaying color. LED technology has the singular ability to display different forms of light throughout the day. No lighting best exemplifies that ability more than Lutron's Ketra tunable lighting. One of the pioneers in adaptable lighting, Ketra refines some of the unique capabilities of LED technology to produce lighting systems that can fine-tune white light color temperature and display a rainbow of colors for dramatic and aesthetic effects. 

Ketra is more than just a color-adjustable LED light. Features like vibrancy tune the light to reflect off an object in different ways. Think of the perfect light to show off a prized piece of artwork and bring out its subtle colors at just the right intensity, and you begin to understand what Ketra lighting can do.  

LED technology allows for different lighting fixtures, too, with color, variable light temperature, and less heat to make it ideal to light areas where other lights don't fit or aren't practical. One example is ELEMENT downlighting by Tech Lighting, which is highly positionable, compact, efficient, and precisely dimmable to below 1% without annoying humming. Another example is DMF, which makes highly flexible lighting that goes from bright white to a warm, relaxing dim to set the stage for any activity, or lack of it. Using the flexible lighting from Ketra, DMF, and Tech Lighting, you can rethink lighting design in your home like never before.  


Smart Lighting Control 

Lighting control is the other side of the home illumination transformation. Tunable lighting can set the mood, energize you, and show off your home in the best light – pun intended. Ketra tunable lighting can match the color temperature of natural sunlight throughout the day to regulate the body better. 

White, bright, bluer-tinged light awakens us and makes us mentally sharper – but it's not good all day long, as studies have proven that this type of light from the many device screens we stare at throughout the day can interfere with relaxation and sleep. The warmer, amber and red tones of the late day sun naturally relax us, and Ketra lighting, as well as other "warm dimmable" lights from DMF and Tech, can set the stage for winding down from busy days to prepare for rest and sleep. Tunable lighting can also improve the home's aesthetics with color, creating a peaceful, calm, and pleasing atmosphere that enhances mood.  

What else can relax, improve mood, and beautify? Lighting that manages itself. Put your outside lights on precise schedules for efficiency, safety and to show off the exterior beauty of your home at night. Relax with the knowledge that you’re not wasting energy by having lights that automatically go off when there’s no activity in a room, or that one button press can create a carefully curated lighting scene in your home that is both efficient and beautiful.


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