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How a Smart Home Can Change Your Life


You Can Have It All – Efficiently, Too! 

Do luxury, economy, and efficiency mix? Can you have your luxury and enjoy it guilt-free, too? When it comes to smart home technology, we say yes. Rarely can you claim that something that provides more comfort and luxury is also a choice that offers economies and efficiencies. As a smart home company serving the Lake Geneva, WI area for many years, we’re going to stake that claim. Keep reading below to see how we make the case! 

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Lighting Control 

Lighting control is one of the most popular smart home systems. It has a surprising number of ways that it can enhance your life. The first enhancement is laziness. We mean that in the best possible sense. Most people turn on lights at home and often leave the room without turning them off. Lighting control lets you be lazy about lighting, guilt-free. If your bathroom lights are always on after long after someone left, a lighting control sensor can turn them off after a set period. You can be lazy and environmentally conscious at the same time without doing anything. The same comforts and efficiencies can be applied to other areas like outside lighting. Let an automated schedule turn on your lights at dusk and off at dawn or any other program that fits you. You can enjoy the aesthetic and safety benefits of your landscape lighting and not waste undue energy.  


Comfort and Wellness 

Lighting control has other benefits beyond giving you time to do your thing while the lights are under control. Lighting that can be precisely controlled is more comforting and aesthetically pleasing. Lighting control systems let you set a complete ambiance with illumination. 

Cooking dinner? Turn on lights brightly in the kitchen, including food prep areas, under-counter lights, and islands. When it's time for dinner, set the mood with softer lighting conducive to sharing food and conversation – just like a good restaurant. When you are ready to relax with a show, you can set the stage with dimmed lighting in the room and lit pathways to necessities like drinks and bathrooms. And you can do all these with a tap on a wall-mounted keypad, a touchscreen, or even a voice command.  

Science shows that lighting is critical to mood and wellness, too. The bright, intense, bluer lighting of the mid-day sun helps keep us awake and energized. The warmer, amber, redder tones of a setting sun (doesn't everyone love sunsets?) are relaxing and actually help us to prepare for sleep. Recent lighting technology has enabled you to have this dynamic lighting inside your home, too. A combination of the latest LED color-changing technology and smart home automation, tunable lighting can subtly improve your mood, energy, and sleep.  

Another element of efficiently managing light is motorized shading. Another lazy yet amazingly effective aid, motorized shades let you make the most of natural light in your home and manage heat buildup to keep your home cooler in the warmer months. With easy control of multiple window shades with one button, a schedule, or sensors, could it be any easier to stay comfortable and be efficient at the same time?  


Effortless Entertainment 

The first smart home technology was arguably AV control. Most everyone understands the challenges of a gaggle of remotes on the coffee table and figuring out the ballet of button presses to get a movie onscreen. Entertainment should be easy, as entertainment is the antithesis of work. A smart home system can make it easy for everyone to find the audio and video content they want and play it where they want. 

Integrated, programmable remotes and touchscreens can give you one-button options for getting to the things you do most. Think of solutions like whole-home audio: the kids want to listen to their music in the game room, you have yours in the office, and your spouse is experimenting with a recipe in the kitchen augmented by their favorite playlist. You know you want a flexible yet dead simple way of everyone getting to their music. And when you’re done, your system turns everything off so that the electronics don’t waste any energy. That’s what a smart home system delivers.


Since 1966, Barrett’s Technology Solutions has been the go-to company for the best in entertainment systems and smart home technology. Get started transforming your lifestyle by calling us at (630) 898-2850 or contacting us here  – we look forward to working with you. 

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