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Relax More with Easy-to-Use Smart Home Technology

A living area with sheer drapes and a flat-screen TV.

Work with a Smart Home Company Committed to Effortless Living

As a leading smart home company and audio-video expert serving Hinsdale, IL, and the surrounding areas for over five decades, we’ve watched technology evolve dramatically. Today, smart homes offer incredible ease of living once unimaginable. 

Throughout the years, we’ve remained committed to making complex technology simple, providing effortless living for many clients. With one touch or automated scheduling, you control your lights, climate, security, audio-video devices, and more. Better yet, let your smart home do it for you. 

Let’s explore the many possibilities in smart home living and the ease of operation a smart home system provides. 

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No Technical Experience Required

A smart home consists of a home automation platform. This platform connects to your home's intelligent devices, such as motorized shades, lights, HVAC system, security cameras, doors, spas, TVs, whole-home audio systems, and more. These devices communicate with the platform and each other, offering a seamless exchange that creates the perfect environment and entertainment for every occasion.

Our job is to take care of all the connectivity and programming. As leaders in smart home integration, we take sophisticated, smart technology and make it user-friendly. We do this by learning about your lifestyle and the everyday conveniences that would make your life easier and more enjoyable. Then, we program your system to ensure one-touch or automated control.

Your job is to press an elegant in-wall keypad that reads “Dinner” and watch the lighting transform throughout your home. At the same time, your “Evening Playlist” streams through your home, and your shades lower for privacy. Is it family movie night? Press the “Movie” icon on a touch screen or handheld remote, and your TV and audio turn on while the lights dim. You experience one-touch control for life’s many activities, including “Entertaining,” “Working,” and "Relaxing"—pre-programmed buttons that set the mood in an instant.

A Home Preparing Itself for You in Advance

A smart home wakes with you, warming the house before you rise, raising the shades to let in the first morning light, and softly streaming your good morning playlist. When you leave for the day, you press an “Away” button on the keypad by the door, and all the lights turn off, the alarm arms, and the doors lock. 

Did the dog walker stop by while you were out? Pull up an app on your smartphone and unlock the door with one tap.

Do you need time to relax at the end of a long day? Press the “Relax” button, and your lights transform to the soft colors of sunset, the landscape and patio lights illuminate, the spa heats, and your “Chill Out” playlist streams through your home and outdoor areas.

When it’s time for bed, tap the "Good Night" button, and your smart home sleeps with you. 

While integrating the technology for a custom smart home requires extensive experience, living in one provides an ease of living that’s hard to define until experienced. At Barrett’s Technology Solutions, we specialize in personalized, easy-to-use technology and dedicated support that exceeds our clients’ expectations. To learn more about smart home living or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Barrett’s Technology Solutions today.

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