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Why Smart Home Technology Makes Sense Right Now

Sunroom in luxury house overlooking Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, with a TV and smart home automation control.

The Future is Here – Why Wait?

Those of a certain age might remember the Jetsons, the cartoon series from the 1960s that depicted a future as imagined in that era. The Jetsons foresaw flying cars, robots, drones, holograms, and video calls. If you think about it, that future – save for flying cars – is mostly here. 

The Jetsons was ideated over 50 years ago, so we can only imagine what’s to come in smart home technology in the next 50 years. While that might be fun, today’s reality is amazingly Jetson-like and worth getting right now. So let’s explore the possibilities for your Hinsdale, IL home – available right here, right now!

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Luxury and Comfort

Perhaps the main reason to have a smart home is the pure luxury of it. Let’s take lighting. Lighting is a functional necessity, but it also offers much more. Even George Jetson didn’t have LED lighting that could dynamically change color temperature or colors. That’s available right now, and it adds another dimension of convenience and luxury to your home. Your lighting can adjust to your activity, mood, and schedule for illumination that appeals to your senses, from more healthful light to creating aesthetic atmospheres that simply make you feel good. 

While discussing comfort, let’s talk about motorized shading and window treatments. Applying an electric motor to a window treatment isn’t high technology, but applying smart control to them starts delving into that realm. When your smart shades can go up and down in concert with your lighting and climate control, that’s when your house gets smarter about automatically adjusting for comfort without your input. 

Peace of Mind

If there’s another area where smart home technology has rapidly advanced, it’s in security and surveillance. Once high-resolution security cameras were found in high-security buildings and Las Vegas casino floors, but now they’re available for your home. Aside from sharp resolution, artificial intelligence and machine learning have added the smarts to cameras to understand what it’s looking at. Home surveillance systems now have the ability to search video footage for people, colors, license plates, and vehicle types. They can also monitor specific fields of view, so you don’t have to be alerted to passing vehicles or an animal outside the perimeter of your yard. 

Aside from cameras, smart sensors can detect a variety of environmental conditions in the home, from a water leak under a sink to an indoor environment with abnormally high humidity. It’s easier than ever to keep tabs on your home from anywhere, thanks to another invention the Jetsons didn’t quite envision – the internet. 


We only covered two areas here of why smart home automation makes sense right now. Want to know more about how Barrett’s Technology Solutions can tailor a home automation solution to fit your lifestyle? Call us at (630) 898-2850 or contact us here to get started – we look forward to working with you.

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