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How Savant Home Automation Makes Holidays Easy

Host pouring wine in a glass at a holiday dinner table.

Smart Home Automation Makes Entertaining and Holidays a Breeze

It's still late summer in Illinois, so why are we already discussing the holidays? As you know, if you don't think about them, they're upon you before you know it! But there's a reason we're bringing up the holidays now. With a little planning right now, you can have a Savant home automation system and Lutron lighting control that get you through the holiday season in Western Springs with less effort and more enjoyment. 

Ready to see how a smart home system can help? Keep reading below!

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Lighting Control

What holiday doesn't involve lights? Starting with Halloween, you'll be looking to decorate your outdoors for Halloween parties and trick-or-treaters. However, no one wants lights on all night long – probably not your neighbors, and you won’t either when you see your electric bill. With Lutron lighting control in your Savant smart home, you can manage all your lighting with convenient automation. Turn on your outside lights – including any other electrical Halloween decorations – after dark and shut them down at bedtime or whenever you want, without lifting a finger. Your set-and-forget automated schedule takes care of it. When the holiday lights go up after Thanksgiving, set your schedule to what you want then. The same lighting control can manage your year-round landscape lighting too. 

When it's time to entertain indoors, set the mood for entertainment and with color-tunable lighting, you have even more options. Go with an orange glow for Halloween festivities, and use a warm glow for all your lights at Christmas to make it look like your house is lit by a fireplace. One button can set many lights to the right settings, inside and out. Then, when the entertaining is done, one button can turn it all off or back to everyday levels. 

Music and Entertainment

What holiday doesn’t involve music? Set the mood with high-fidelity music you can hear in every space of your home with a whole-home audio system. Curate and create your favorite holiday playlists for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and more. Then recall it at the touch of a button and choose all the areas to play music by tapping the room or zone on a touchscreen controller or an app on your smartphone or tablet. But there's more. Since Savant is a complete home automation system, you can also tie the playlist to your Lutron lighting scheme for entertainment. So if it's holiday music for dinner, one tap can activate the right lighting and music for the occasion. 

What about video? How about tracking multiple football games on Thanksgiving at the same time? With Savant video tiling, you can! This unique entertainment system lets you put multiple video feeds on the same large screen. Holiday game watching could not be more fun or convenient. 

Safety and Security

Sometimes the holidays involve travel and being away from home for some of your celebrations. Protect your home with smart security like surveillance cameras and smart locks. Keep an eye on the outside and inside of your home with smart cameras that alert you to specific activities like the movement of a person around your yard. A video doorbell allows you to screen visitors or package deliveries from your smartphone just as if you were home. With smart locks, you can remotely allow housesitters or neighbors in to take care of something inside the house and ensure everything is locked up when it's done. 

Not only can Savant home automation and Lutron lighting help you power through the holidays, these technologies are there to make your life easier all year long. To learn more or get started, call us at (630) 898-2850 or contact us here – we look forward to working with you!

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