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How Our Advanced Systems Implementation Process Smooths Project Deployment

Barrett’s investment in unique deployment processes removes the pain points in smart home installations

What should you look for when you want to add smart home functionality and advanced entertainment systems to your home? The reality is that in a large market like Chicago, IL, you will find several integrators that can offer the same solutions. Those might include top-tier solutions from Savant for home automation, Lutron for lighting controls, and several others. But we like to think the real difference in your experience will come down to your integration partner.

As a company providing home entertainment and technology solutions for over five decades, we have always been continually evolving, not only with the technologies we offer but also with how we implement them for clients. Our goal is to provide clients with the best experience, and that includes the process for deploying these solutions in the home. If we do it right, we think you'll be a client for the next five decades.

To that end, We’re very excited to tell you about our latest investment in ensuring a superior client experience – our Advanced System Implementation Process. We've even given it a name because we think it's that important. Please keep reading to learn more about our process, and we hope you'll see how it differentiates us from others in this space. 

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A More Structured Approach

All too often, the installation of smart home and entertainment systems may happen during the final build phase of the house. The problem may be that integrator technicians are installing systems while finishes are going in, punch list items are completed,or other work is happening. This creates more traffic in the home and disruption. In some cases, the client is already moving into the home. As you might expect, a lot is happening at once. If the integrator is doing all the deployment work onsite, it increases the possibility of things not working properly and extending the time on site to get things operational.

Barett's Technology Solutions has taken a different approach. Through our Advanced Systems Implementation Process and dedicated deployment facility, we do much of the system build and programming in-house, minimizing the time and troubleshooting required at the client's home. 

The Deployment Facility

Most AV and automation solutions get assembled on rack systems that we install in one or more wiring closets or unused spaces in client homes. The prewire process, which occurs before the drywall goes up, terminates many wires into these spaces, including cabling for security, speakers, control systems, and more. At our in-house deployment facility, we assemble these racks with all the components used in the project. Next, we internally wire and cable the racks to connect all the equipment as necessary. Then we neatly code and label all the wires so when we take them onsite, it's easy to connect all the equipment up to the home's internal wiring, which we also terminate into neat, modular, plug-in, color-coded and labeled panel systems.

But building racks ahead of time is only half the story. In our deployment facility, we've installed lighting loads, speakers, projectors, and TVs to simulate the types of environments in most home projects. We can then test client racks internally and ensure speaker channels play sound, lights turn on and off, and other items work as they should. In addition, smart home systems involve considerable programming; we can test much of that in-house to minimize programming fixes onsite. By assembling systems in our facility and testing them, we streamline the installation process, pick up problems before clients see them, and ensure a smoother experience for the client at a time that can be very trying as clients are anxious to enjoy their new or remodeled home.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we encourage you to click on the video embedded above and learn more about our process. At Barrett's, it's all about clients, not jobs or projects. And every smooth, successful project experience is another step toward a long-term client relationship. To learn more or get started, call us at (630) 898-2850 or contact us here – we look forward to working with you!

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