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Relax More with Easy-to-Use Smart Home Technology

A living area with sheer drapes and a flat-screen TV.

Work with a Smart Home Company Committed to Effortless Living

As a leading smart home company and audio-video expert serving Hinsdale, IL, and the surrounding areas for over five decades, we’ve watched technology evolve dramatically. Today, smart homes offer incredible ease of living once unimaginable. 

Throughout the years, we’ve remained committed to making complex technology simple, providing effortless living for many clients. With one touch or automated scheduling, you control your lights, climate, security, audio-video devices, and more. Better yet, let your smart home do it for you. 

Let’s explore the many possibilities in smart home living and the ease of operation a smart home system provides. 

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3 Mistakes Builders Make with Smart Technology


Ensure You’re Installing Value-Added Solutions in Your Projects

Over the past decade, smart home technology has gone from a rare upgrade to an expected feature for luxury residences. Technology helps custom builders attract better clients while differentiating themselves from their competitors. However, approaching technology the wrong way will have an adverse effect. Generic or disjointed solutions could turn future buyers away since they'll see you're not prepared to handle that kind of project.

Reach out to Barrett’s Technology Solutions, the top smart home company in Hinsdale, IL and the greater Chicago area, who can help you best integrate technology into your projects. Along with educating you on the latest trends, we’ll partner with you directly to install state-of-the-art home automation systems in your new construction projects. Not only will you be able to add value to your projects, but you’ll be able to avoid the following common mistakes.

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