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Today’s Lighting Control Offers Enhanced Convenience and Well-Being


Let Your Smart Home Manage Your Light Effortlessly

Can you imagine our world before electric light, when candles, oil lamps, lanterns, and a fireplace provided the only illumination? The first electric light bulb didn’t come along until the late 1800’s. The first light switch was soon to follow and, in many homes, is still being used. 

According to Business Insider, light switches will one day become obsolete, replaced by smart lighting. For many homeowners in Lincoln Park, IL, that day is already here. 

Today’s lighting control systems offer incredible, easy-to-use technology that mimics the natural patterns of activity, enhances well-being and productivity, and deters burglars. Let’s explore how lighting has transformed our world and if it’s time to join the smart lighting revolution before the light switch goes the way of the dodo.