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5 Smart Home Lighting Scenes to Try Now

A kitchen illuminated by dim, amber lighting through a smart home lighting system.

Transform Your Chicago Townhouse with a Single Command 

Imagine arriving home exhausted after a long day of work. As you step into your Lincoln Park townhouse, you're automatically greeted by a warm, inviting atmosphere, with lights and shades set just the way you like them. 

Thanks to smart home lighting scenes, this experience can become your reality. Barrett's Technology Solutions brings you the power of Lutron, a leader in smart lighting control, to create personalized lighting scenes that enhance your lifestyle and bring convenience to your fingertips. 

Let's explore five smart home lighting scenes to try in your Lincoln Park, IL home. 

3 Exciting Ways Tunable Lighting Improves Your Home


Everything you as a homeowner needs to know about smart lighting solutions for your home

They may not be something you think about a lot, but your home’s light fixtures play a major role in setting the mood for a room, as well as how you feel. Even if it’s just at a subconscious level, you know that darker lighting in a room puts you to sleep while bright lights wake you up.

With this in mind, wouldn’t you like a system in your home to make your lights easier to manage? And wouldn’t it be great if that same system could boost your energy and help you live a healthier life? You can do all this and more with smart home lighting for your Hinsdale, IL residence. In this blog, we’ll walk you through three of the top benefits of smart lighting control.

4 Areas Builders and Designers Should Place Smart Lighting


Impress your clients with lighting control in these 4 home spaces

Smart home technology is going to be increasingly in demand if you build homes or work in interior design. Prospective homeowners want these devices in their homes because of the convenience they offer and how they contribute to a superior lifestyle. And one of the most common home automation systems your clients will be asking for is lighting control. To show you’re in touch with their needs, here are four spaces you can install or plan for smart home lighting in your Lincoln Park, IL building projects. Read on to see what they are.