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Elevate Interior Design with Lutron Lighting Controls


Style and Substance Combine to Perfection with Lutron Keypads

As a design professional, you understand both form and function. Many things in homes need to deliver on everyday functionality and achieve that without sacrificing aesthetics. Lighting is one area where you need to add functional illumination and do it in a welcoming, aesthetically pleasing way.

Let's continue the discussion about lighting but focus on how it's controlled. The lowly light switch is functional, but even adding a dash of color to Decora doesn't make them beautiful. Worse, the many lights in your high-end projects can sometimes result in "wall acne," where there are too many banks of switches in the room. Is there a solution to this unfortunate triumph of function over form? Yes, if you incorporate Lutron lighting control and their elegant keypad controls in your Chicago projects. Keep reading below to learn more about two of Lutron’s most elegant – and smart – keypad lines.

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Lutron Alisse Keypads

If you were put off by lighting control keypads that might just have been a bit too modern for the eclectic style of your Lincoln Park townhouse project, you will love the retro-modern aesthetic of Lutron's new Alisse keypads. The round button designs put a modern twist on early 20th century light switches. Alisse keypads have unique configurability with 1, 2, or 3-button columns. You can also mix and match columns in a way that makes the keypad look like a domino design. Beneath the button lies the full power of Lutron lighting control, where each button can manage multiple lighting loads or activate a lighting scene that also starts music, manages motorized window treatments, and more.

You might love the elegant finishes even more—better than any Decora plate. Choose from aged brass or bronze, satin nickel, matte black, and many others to match the décor. If a picture is better than a word for your clients, their Alisse switches can be custom-engraved with icons instead of lettered labels. Alisse keypads are the perfect finishing touch for today’s industrial modern, mid-century, and mixed décor.

Lutron Palladiom

Lutron Palladiom keypads are perfect for clean, minimalist, modern décor. It’s a full line of flexible keypads that also go perfectly with the equally modern Palladiom motorized shading.

Banish wall acne with 1 to 4 gang keypads that accommodate 2 to 4 buttons each. Dynamic backlighting that adjusts to room light and custom-etched buttons ensure that anyone knows what light or scene is going to turn on or off.

The Palladiom look doesn’t stop at keypads; it extends to two smart thermostat models and duplex electric receptacles, too. Palladiom is all about a contemporary look with real metal and glass materials, matte and glossy finishes, and an architectural design that looks like it was custom-made for the home.

Powerful Lighting Control

We discussed the form, but what about function? Lutron lighting control will make the most of your design and construction choices. Precise lighting control will manage artfully layered lighting in every space, and the custom-programmed keypads will allow your clients ultimate ease in creating the perfect lighting scene for any activity or occasion without flipping banks of lights and adjusting multiple dimmers.

Want to know more about integrating Lutron lighting control in your design/build projects? Call (630) 898-2850, contact us here, or send a message in the chat box below with your questions. We look forward to working with you!

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