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Why You Should Upgrade Your Lighting with Lutron Keypads


Deliver Greater Elegance, Comfort and Efficiency With Lutron Lighting Control

Are you interested in adding Lutron lighting control to your Chicago, IL home? You may have heard about the benefits of managing all of your lights from a mobile app or a modern touchpad. Switches on the wall seem archaic in comparison. For your day-to-day needs, though, you’ll still want a tactile way to manage the lights in the room.

Our Lutron lighting control systems offer advanced, sleek on-wall control solutions through their vast array of keypads. Not only do these keypads streamline your décor by reducing the number of switches needed on the wall, but you can manage audio, shades and climate through them as well.

Each keypad model is available in a wide range of colors, finishes, and configurations to provide the perfect match for both your interior design and lifestyle. Our latest blog highlights the many Lutron keypads you could incorporate in your space.


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Signature Series Keypads  

Experience instant access to your lighting control on slim, elegant keypads from the Signature line. While they’re the smallest of the Lutron keypads, they can still feature up to seven different buttons. Green or blue status LEDs let you know when a specific scene is activated.

Each button is custom programmed and engraved for easy access to your go-to controls. Incorporate occupancy sensors into the keypads for greater energy efficiency. The Signature line is available in many metal finishes, including brass, chrome and nickel. It is also available in a white matte.

Architectural seeTouch

Many of our luxury clients love the beveled edges and high-end finishes that come with the seeTouch keypads. The Architectural seeTouch keypad is one of Lutron’s most versatile options. It can feature up to seven buttons in sixteen different standard configurations.

Use it to manage shades, lights and temperature throughout the house. Its engraved buttons angle up to the eye for easy reading while backlights allow for greater visibility in low-light conditions. The seeTouch is available in metal and matte finishes to fit any décor.

Palladiom Keypads  

The Palladiom keypads are the most popular choice for our interior design partners. Palladiom Keypads have a beautifully sleek, minimalist design featuring up to four buttons. Surface-mounted to the wall and with wall plates and buttons of the same color, they blend in seamlessly with the surrounding wall.

As with other keypad varieties, all buttons are customizable and backlit for greater visibility. Choose from matte, plastic, metal and glass finishes for your space. Palladiom is the only Lutron keypad to feature a clear black glass finish.


GRAFIK T Slider  

If you want to add simple control capabilities to a room without sacrificing your décor, then we recommend going with the GRAFIK T slider available in over 40 matte, metal, and glass finishes. Choose from a wide arrange of colors ranging from ivory to bright chrome.

This touch slider lets you quickly set the ideal lighting intensity in a room or change the volume on your multi-room audio. Along with the adjustable slider, there is a toggle on/off button on the bottom. For more granular control, the GRAFIK T faceplate can include up to four different sliders.

Pico Wireless Control

Though not the most elegant, Pico wireless keypads are extremely practical. These can serve as lightweight remotes, tabletop controls or be mounted on the wall. Pico controls area available in white, black, ivory, and light almond.

Choose between two to five buttons with five different configurations available. These are ideal if you have a Caseta or Radio RA 2 wireless lighting system. Special Audio Picos also let you adjust volume, play and pause, or skip tracks. They integrate with a wide variety of whole-home audio solutions.


Do you have a specific keypad in mind you’d like to bring into your home? We’ll help you find the Lutron lighting control system that features the ones that interest you most. We’ll then help you program your favorite settings and show how to make changes to them through your app.

The experts at Barrett's Technology Solutions deliver lighting control that is both functional and beautiful. To set up a one-on-one consultation with our team, give us a call at 630-898-2850 or fill out our contact form.

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