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Draw Out the Beauty from the Darkness with Automated Landscape Lighting


Make Your Home Shine with Custom Landscape Lighting 

What does your home look like after the sun goes down? Do the beautiful architecture and noteworthy details get lost in the dark? Can anyone appreciate your beautiful mature trees? Does your property look foreboding or inviting?  

You put significant effort and expense into both the inside and outside of your home. Last month we talked about how lighting automation and LED technology could transform the look and feel of your home. This month, we want to talk about how you can do the same with the outside of your property. As we've said before, never underestimate the power of light's ability to change the way you view, use, and appreciate your Chicago, IL home. Keep reading to learn more about landscape lighting and automation to make your home as beautiful on the outside as it is inside.  



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Highlight Details 

Want to bring the beauty out of the darkness? Bullet lights are perfect for drawing attention to detail. You can use them to uplight a tree, an entry gate, an outdoor sculpture, or other noteworthy detail. Bullet lights can be focused or spread a wider circle of light depending on the need.  


Wash Lights 

Need to illuminate a unique outside wall or a portion of a landscape? A wash light is a compact solution that is easy to fit in many areas. Wash lights are excellent for adding a layer of light with other lighting to create an overall effect.   


Path Lights 

Path lights serve dual purposes, adding both aesthetic beauty and safety. Make your home more inviting with softly lit paths to entries while also making it safer for visitors at night. Well done path lighting also shows off your landscape and shrubs along your paths.  


Step Lights 

Also adding beauty and safety, lights add a dramatic effect to steps. Add them to steps to your front entry or deck and patio steps in your backyard. You can even make your steps appear to almost float in the dark with well-designed step lighting.  


Niche Lights 

Niche lights are small and practical and can be fit into tight spaces. They are excellent for stone paths or can create unique lighting effects on decks. Be creative, and there’s virtually no limit to how you can add flair to your outdoors.  


Coastal Source Lighting 

We partner with Coastal Source because of their excellence in outdoor solutions in both lighting and audio. The company tests its lighting in the harsh coastal climates of the east coast so that the fixtures and connections can withstand heat, humidity, rain, cold, salt air, and more.  

Coastal Source's unique, patented Coastal Connector eliminates one of the worst problems for outdoor lighting and speakers – rusted and corroded connections. The robust cabling and plug-and-play watertight connectors assure many years of longevity for outdoor lighting.  

Add internal LED bulbs with industry-leading CREE technology, solid brass housing, and one of the industry's best warranties, and you have a solution built to last. With Lutron lighting control, your outdoor lighting can also be automated and coordinated with indoor lighting for a home that always looks its best.  


Ready to transform your home with outdoor lighting?  Get started today by calling us at (630) 898-2850 or contacting us here  – we look forward to working with you! 

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