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Step Up to High Resolution and High-Fidelity Whole-Home Audio


Level Up Your Sound with Meridian Audio

What do you think of when you hear whole-home audio? First, you probably think about synchronized sound all over your house. Any whole-house audio solution worth its tweeters should do that. Does it also scream to you…background music? As in, I enjoy listening to my favorites everywhere in the house, but I’m not getting my ears pinned back by the sound.

If you're an audiophile – or just someone who likes emotion in their sound – you don't have to settle for good but not blow-me-away sound in your whole-home music system. Meridian Audio is a company that's well-known in hi-fi circles yet also tends to march to the beat of its own drum. Started in 1977, before the dawn of the digital music era, Meridian Audio has been a pioneer in digital audio, having had a heavy hand in moving the quality of digital formats forward. In both the pioneering DVD-Audio surround music format and the current Dolby TrueHD lossless surround standard, Meridian played a leading role in contributing key technology and developing those standards.

All this is to say that Meridian is all about high-fidelity in everything they do, and with their latest products, they’re making whole-home hi-fi a reality, too. Keep reading to learn more about how Meridian high-resolution, high-fidelity audio will pin your ears back in every corner of your Chicago home.

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MQA High-Resolution Music

One of the latest and most exciting advances in home audio in the past few years is MQA (Master Quality Audio). Another innovation developed by Meridian with the support of the music industry, MQA is a new digital music format expressly designed to deliver lossless and high-resolution audio over streaming services. Without getting into the nitty-gritty of how it works, the format assures that the music that reaches your ears is as close as possible to the way the artist intended. And for music that's not in MQA format, Meridian uses its digital wizardry to enhance other formats to sound fuller, richer, and more involving.


Digital Speakers

Meridian has been a leader in self-powered digital speakers before they were popular. By delivering the signal digitally to the loudspeaker, speakers can be connected by standard network cable, which can transport bit-perfect digital files that won't degrade like analog signals over long speaker runs. For whole-home systems, that means every room or zone in your home will have the same hi-fi quality sound. Meridian's built-in speakers like the DSP640.2 are unique self-powered architectural speakers that offer astounding sound quality on par with freestanding hi-fi speakers, far beyond what you’d expect from an in-wall speaker.


Whole-Home Hi-Fi

Beyond the digital speakers, Meridian has various products that can be mixed and matched into a hi-fi whole-home system. From streamers like the 210 to integrated amplifiers like the 251, Meridian lets you put together the solution that fits you. You can use high-performance Meridian built-in or freestanding DSP speakers in some areas and also take advantage of existing architectural or freestanding speakers you may have in your home within the same system. The Meridian High-Resolution (MHR) enhancement also makes non-high resolution sources sound fuller, with a wider and deeper soundstage. Features like Spotify Connect, Sonos integration, and Roon support let you put together the setup with the interface and sources you prefer while enjoying the benefits of Meridian's superior sound quality.



Are you ready to step up to hi-fi whole-house audio? Get started today by calling us at (630) 898-2850 or contacting us here.  We look forward to working with you!

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