5 Tunes to Get the Groove on with Whole Home Audio


Music You Can Enjoy with Any Activity Around the House 

What should you listen to on your whole home audio system? Far be it for us to tell you, it will all sound fantastic whether you go with a Meridian audio system, Savant, or something else. Not only will all your favorite tunes sound great, but you’ll enjoy the effortless ease of calling them up with your smartphone, a touchscreen, a voice command, or a press on a wall-mounted keypad. 

That said, we can’t resist recommending a few tracks that lend themselves well to playing on every speaker in the house as you meander through your daily routine. Whether it’s a background soundtrack to your work-from-home day, doing chores, exercising, or soaking up the last of the good Illinois fall weather on your Chicago townhouse patio, you’ll enjoy how these songs stick with you wherever you roam.  

Ready? Here are five tunes to enjoy in every corner of your home with multiroom audio

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Rock Around the Clock – Bill Haley and the Comets 

If you’re of a certain age, you might remember this song. And if you’re not, you may remember it from the American Graffiti soundtrack. You’ve never seen the movie? It put George Lucas on the map! But we digress. Rock Around the Clock is sometimes considered the first rock and roll song even though it wasn’t. However, it did bring rock and roll into the mainstream and became somewhat of an anthem for the rebellious youth of the 1950s. It’s a must-listen toe-tapper, even if merely for historical purposes.  


A Hard Day’s Night – The Beatles 

Who can pick only one of the Beatles' songs out of so many classics? Why this one? It was the title of the first Beatles movie, after all! Try this one when you’re “working like a dog” in your home office or getting things done around the house. After your “hard day’s night,” kick back with your favorite drink and listen to the next song. 


The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – Roberta Flack 

Grab a cocktail and your significant other, and dial this one upon your audio system. If this one doesn’t spark romantic thoughts, nothing will. Did you know that this song was played as the wake-up music on day 9 of the Apollo 17 flight? It was to commemorate their last view of the face of the moon on that mission.  


La Vida Es un Carnaval – Celia Cruz 

Celia Cruz was an iconic Cuban artist and one of the most popular Latin performers of the 20th Century. She was dubbed the Queen of Salsa, and this song (which means life is a carnival) was one of her last hits. Learn a few steps to this one, or just enjoy the classic Cuban sound that makes you want to dance to the next room.  


Respect – Aretha Franklin 

This is one of the best songs from the Queen of Soul. Feeling a little tired? Put this one on, and your feet will wiggle, voluntarily or involuntarily. Rolling Stone magazine crowned this song the best of all time. While we don't know how anyone could pick the best song of all time, we can't argue that this is a great recording. It's considered a female empowerment anthem, and it was written by the great Otis Redding. What's not to like? 


Whether your taste includes grunge rock, love ballads, or contemporary pop, you'll enjoy your music more with whole-home audio. Ready to get your groove on? Get started today by calling us at (630) 898-2850 or contacting us here  – we look forward to working with you! 

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