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Chase Away the Winter Blues with Multiroom Audio


Set the Tone for the Season with Music

Winter is fast approaching. The winter season likely means more time spent at home with family and friends. And while winter brings a lot of reason to celebrate, it can still be stressful, too, as the days get shorter and the temperatures dip.

Our advice is to keepcalm and ease the stress with music. Nothing can set a mood like music, whether it’s a playlist for your next cooking session or one that inspires an impromptu dance party in the middle of the day.

The best way to enjoy music all over the house is with an integrated multi-room audio system for your Chicago home. With whole-home audio, you can play the same music in perfect synchrony everywhere – or let the family create their own harmonies in different rooms. Keep reading to learn more about multi-room audio options sure to add a spark this winter season.

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Any Source, Any Room

One of the beauties of a proper multi-room audio system is the ability to hear what you want in every room. The easiest way to accomplish that is with speakers in every area you want to hear music. While you can opt for freestanding speakers, architectural models nestle discreetly in walls and ceilings, taking up no space nor clashing with your design and décor. Even if you’re a stickler for audio quality, you'll be pleased by the incredible array of architectural speaker choices available, everything from models designed for background music to ones that can thunder with your favorite tunes and movie soundtracks. So, you can choose from different models to suit your needs in every space.

Most current multi-room systems have integrated digital music streaming capabilities, making it easy to access popular streaming sources like Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify with a few taps on a touchscreen, customized remote, or your smartphone. But they go beyond that, with digital and analog inputs so you can pipe your vintage vinyl records, hard to find CDs, and TV audio all over your house too. Still have that old dance mixtape cassette? Just plug in a working cassette player and let that go multi-room also!


Digital Flexibility

In the not too distant past, whole-home audio systems relied on a central location for speaker wiring that then emanated to all the rooms (and also outdoor) spaces where you wanted sound. While many homes still have this type of setup, newer systems present a distributed, higher quality way to help audio travel throughout your house in pristine digital form.

Multi-room audio solutions from smart home company Savant use your home network to transmit music to a series of distributed “nodes” throughout your house. Audio quality can degrade over long speaker wire runs, and this solution ensures the quality of the audio is the same everywhere. Savant even has architectural digital speakers with their own inbuilt amplifiers, enabling a pure digital signal path to the speaker and simplified installation. No matter if your music or audio comes from an older analog source or digital streaming, the digital system distributes it in pure form over whatever distance necessary.


Easy Control

Setting the right ambiance for all your winter activities is easy when it only takes a step or two to hear your tunes. A smart multi-room audio system gives you a choice of control options, from pushing a button on a wall-mounted keypad pre-programmed to start your go-to pick-me-up playlist to using a dedicated custom remote or touchscreen or an app on your smartphone or tablet. And if your hands are tied up baking treats for the family, one command to your smart voice assistant of choice can start the music.


Want to learn more about getting your own multi-room audio setup in time for winter?  Call us at (630) 898-2850 or contact us here to get started – we look forward to working with you!

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