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Do You Want to Improve Your Music Listening Experience?


Enjoy the Perks of a Professional Whole Home Audio Installation

How do you typically play music in your home when hosting a party, doing the dishes or relaxing after work? In most cases, people listen to streaming services or digital libraries using a smartphone, wireless or Bluetooth speakers. Sometimes these do the trick, but in the long run, they come with limited quality, reach, and scalability that will leave you wanting more. Often adding more speakers helps, but this means a lot of unsightly components not blending in well with your interior décor. You can get more out of your favorite music by upgrading to one of our professional audio installations.   Using speakers from Sonance and a control solution from Savant, we can deliver the ultimate listening experience in your Hinsdale, Il home. Our whole home audio systems give you instant access to your favorite music while providing high-end sound to every corner of your space. Intuitive control of your music makes it easy to set the right mood for any activity or environment.

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Sound That Blends with Your Décor

Upgrade to high-end loudspeakers that offer exceptional sound without leaving any imprint on your home. You’ll be able to listen to your favorite music anywhere without having to worry about where you’re going to fit your speakers. Through their architectural speaker line, our partners at Sonance offer models installed flush-mounted in ceilings and walls or even speakers that are entirely invisible. Enjoy high-performance sound while the speakers always stay hidden from view. Not only that, but Sonance also offers weatherproof landscape speakers that blend seamlessly with surrounding foliage for your outdoor audio solutions.

Comfortable Audio in Every Corner 

Now that you don’t have to worry about speaker clutter, it’ll be easier to spread high-quality sound throughout your home. No more having people congregate around a couple of speakers, with audio too loud for those nearby and imperceptible to those further away. Architectural speakers let you approach audio much the same way you do your lighting.

For lighting, you wouldn't settle for a couple of bright downlights to illuminate a room. Equal and comfortable light is better accomplished with fixtures spread out across the ceiling. Similarly, you can naturally spread out a sound in a room by laying out your in-ceiling speakers in the same manner. Speakers from Sonance deliver the ultimate sound quality while letting you deploy much more efficient speaker layouts for your whole home audio.



Sonance - Designed To Disappear from Sonance | iPort on Vimeo.

Bring Your Favorite Music to Life

Even with the best speakers and layout, they won't get much use if you don't have easy access to all your favorite music. Not only do our Savant whole home audio systems integrate all the audio sources you want, but they let you choose how you want to manage those sources. Enjoy your favorite vinyl recordings, digital libraries, streaming services, CD players, and more through the same user interface. Although many prefer to use mobile apps, you can also integrate voice commands, remote controls, dedicated touchpads and more. No one-size-fits-all solutions make the cut; instead, all of our installations are specially designed to best meet your needs based on our initial discovery meeting.


Are you ready to transform your sonic environment? Let us design a custom audio solution that lets you listen to your favorite music wherever, whenever and however you want. Call us at (630) 898-2850 or fill out our contact form to set up a consultation with one of our audio experts.

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