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4 Ways to Hide the Tech in Your AV Installation


Learn about Client and Designer Approved Tricks to Hide AV Tech for Seamless Décor

Let's face it, much of today's electronics are not aesthetically pleasing. Whether we are talking about giant flat-panel TVs that can stretch to 100 inches or most audio components that are a sea of black metal, most of today's equipment lacks design flair. Some speakers, like Meridian Audio models, make a statement in a room. But others take up space that both you and your designer would prefer not to design around.

If your Lake Geneva, WI home is on the cutting edge of style – whether modern, transitional, or mid-century – you do have options for hiding the AV installation in your home. In this blog, we’ll cover four ways of blending the best technology into your home in a way that will leave you and your interior designer smiling at your ingenuity and taste. Stay with us below!

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Hiding in Plain Sight

One of the easiest solutions to avoid the giant slab of black TV when it's not on is the Samsung Frame TV. This TV is super thin and designed to mount flush to the wall like a picture frame. When it's not playing video, the TV simulates artwork in beautiful high resolution. Better yet, you'll never get bored of the art with thousands of options, from impressionist to ultra-modern and more. Smaller models are perfect for kitchens and home offices, and larger models go to 75 inches for an epic media room display. With custom frame options available, it's a beautiful and easy way to put a TV anywhere. 

Another option is the TV mirror. Séura is a master of the hidden TV behind the mirror. In living areas, the TV can hide behind a framed mirror, and the picture reveals itself like magic through the mirror when turned on. Naturally, you’ll have many styles and frames to choose from for your space. You can even hide a TV in the master bath behind the mirror for your dose of morning news or entertainment.


Dress It Up

Say you want a TV and soundbar in a space. How do you make it look integrated? Leon custom speakers make high-quality soundbar solutions that are custom-fit to the width of your TV. Then with options like the Edge Media Frame, you can encase the TV and soundbar in an elegant mid-century style that would make Frank Lloyd Wright proud. So now your TV is more like the TVs of old that came in furniture consoles – a more aesthetic solution than today's sea of black.


Make It Appear from Nowhere

How about hiding TVs, projectors, and screens completely until they are summoned? You can do just that with special mounts and solutions from Future Automation. With Future Automation’s sophisticated mounts, a flat panel TV can descend from a ceiling, then hinge and swivel into position like a motorized unfolding origami. Fireplace mounts can take a high-mounted TV and lower it to the right height for viewing. For ultimate disguise, the unique horizontal lift can hide a flat panel in the wall cavity, then slide it out and swivel it into position at the touch of a button. Making the TV appear and disappear will be half the entertainment!


Hide the Speakers

While built-in ceiling and wall speakers have been around for decades, the latest architectural speakers pack high performance with wonderfully demure aesthetics. Solutions like Sonance’s Invisible Series feature amazingly shallow mounting depth and grill-less design that can be finished over with paint, wallpaper, and other wall finishes. You can even use shallow in-wall subwoofers for more bass!

Another new solution is the James Small Aperture Series. Designed to hide in ceilings and look like part of the ceiling lights, behind their small façade lies a powerful speaker with a mini-subwoofer and separate midrange and tweeters for high-performance sound you must experience. These can even be used behind perforated wall paneling and other finishes. But, of course, you won't notice the speakers!


Barrett’s Technology Solutions works with clients and designers to provide high-performance audio and video solutions that fit your aesthetic vision. To learn more about hidden AV technology installation, call us at (630) 898-2850 or contact us here – we look forward to working with you!

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