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Can Your Home Network Meet Your Family’s Needs?

A woman and two children using an iPad.

Ensure a Robust Home Network and a Reliable Internet Connection for Work, Studying and Fun 

Our homes have become technology powerhouses, with the number of connected devices increasing almost exponentially. Today, your average U.S. home has about 16 connected devices. When you add smart home automation, the hybrid workforce, video conferencing, and the kids returning to school, it’s clear we ask a lot of our home network.

If you have continued adding internet-connected devices without upgrading, you may be experiencing signs that suggest it’s time for an enterprise-grade home networking solution in your home in Naperville, IL. Let's look at the signs and the solutions that will ensure your family stays connected while doing online schoolwork and enjoying 4K streaming movies over the weekend. 

3 Telltale Signs of Home Networking Problems


These Signs May Indicate You Need a Network Upgrade

These days, connectivity is a must-have utility, right up there with electricity. Our connected world is dependent on the internet for most day to day activities, whether it’s’ work, school, or entertainment.

When your apps or computers aren’t behaving as you expect, it’s often challenging to figure out what’s wrong. Is it the software, the hardware, or a connectivity issue? There is the tried-and-true method of restarting devices that often cures many ills, but frequent problems point to something else – and sometimes it’s your network that’s failing you.

How do you determine if you’re having home networking problems in your Chicago, IL home? Read on for three telltale signs.