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Can Your Home Network Meet Your Family’s Needs?

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Ensure a Robust Home Network and a Reliable Internet Connection for Work, Studying and Fun 

Our homes have become technology powerhouses, with the number of connected devices increasing almost exponentially. Today, your average U.S. home has about 16 connected devices. When you add smart home automation, the hybrid workforce, video conferencing, and the kids returning to school, it’s clear we ask a lot of our home network.

If you have continued adding internet-connected devices without upgrading, you may be experiencing signs that suggest it’s time for an enterprise-grade home networking solution in your home in Naperville, IL. Let's look at the signs and the solutions that will ensure your family stays connected while doing online schoolwork and enjoying 4K streaming movies over the weekend. 

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Signs Your Network Can’t Keep Up with the Demand

There are several signs that can become usual occurrences, so much a part of our daily lives that we come to accept the slight frustrations and interruptions they create. One of these is frequent lags and glitches that cause frozen videos and streaming services, slow downloads, and dropped connectivity. This can be particularly detrimental when you're on a video conferencing call, and the delays create slowed and difficult communications.

When multiple family members are connected, with one playing Xbox, another streaming Netflix, and one checking out a video for school, you may find content starts taking forever to download, or your smart home is slow to respond to your requests. Did your lights fail to respond to voice commands? You may put off finding a solution when it's simply a matter of lighting. The issue's significance becomes apparent, however, when it starts affecting your security camera feeds and door locks. 

Assessing Your Home’s Network

At Barrett Technology Solutions, we specialize in home automation and developing a home network that can support your home's many connected devices reliably and safely. First, our network professionals will determine the number of connected devices in your home, the number of people utilizing the network, and the available coverage. Next, we'll check the house for dead spots and calculate precisely the network capacity required. Then, we set about creating a home with reliable corner-to-corner coverage that extends into your outdoor areas. 

Enhancing your home’s network may involve installing Wi-Fi access points or a mesh network. It may include a better modem or router. In some cases, we may suggest upgrading to a network infrastructure compatible with Wi-Fi 6, the latest version of internet access. Every home and family is different, and so are their home network needs. To learn more about evaluating your home’s network or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Barrett’s Technology Solutions today.

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