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Today’s Lighting Control Offers Enhanced Convenience and Well-Being


Let Your Smart Home Manage Your Light Effortlessly

Can you imagine our world before electric light, when candles, oil lamps, lanterns, and a fireplace provided the only illumination? The first electric light bulb didn’t come along until the late 1800’s. The first light switch was soon to follow and, in many homes, is still being used. 

According to Business Insider, light switches will one day become obsolete, replaced by smart lighting. For many homeowners in Lincoln Park, IL, that day is already here. 

Today’s lighting control systems offer incredible, easy-to-use technology that mimics the natural patterns of activity, enhances well-being and productivity, and deters burglars. Let’s explore how lighting has transformed our world and if it’s time to join the smart lighting revolution before the light switch goes the way of the dodo. 

Benefits of Lutron’s Homeworks Lighting Control System

Luxury kitchen and dining room with lighting control.

Our Tailormade Solutions Offer Luxurious Control of Your Lights 

Intelligent lighting systems allow homeowners more control over their home’s lighting. They make it easier to turn your lights on and off, dim them, adjust their color temperatures and pull up your favorite settings. They truly can transform how you interact with your space. Not all systems are made the same, though. 

Often, people settle for basic solutions that just offer basic dimming control over a few fixtures. Instead, make the most of your smart lighting with a professionally installed Lutron HomeWorks lighting control solution. Control all your home’s lights easily through on-wall keypads, touchpads or the app and enjoy cutting-edge solutions that will transform your home. Keep reading to learn more and see how Homeworks by Lutron can benefit your home in Lake Geneva, WI!

Why You Should Upgrade Your Lighting with Lutron Keypads


Deliver Greater Elegance, Comfort and Efficiency With Lutron Lighting Control

Are you interested in adding Lutron lighting control to your Chicago, IL home? You may have heard about the benefits of managing all of your lights from a mobile app or a modern touchpad. Switches on the wall seem archaic in comparison. For your day-to-day needs, though, you’ll still want a tactile way to manage the lights in the room.

Our Lutron lighting control systems offer advanced, sleek on-wall control solutions through their vast array of keypads. Not only do these keypads streamline your décor by reducing the number of switches needed on the wall, but you can manage audio, shades and climate through them as well.

Each keypad model is available in a wide range of colors, finishes, and configurations to provide the perfect match for both your interior design and lifestyle. Our latest blog highlights the many Lutron keypads you could incorporate in your space.


How to Accentuate Your Interior Design with Lighting Control


Everything Looks Better in the Right Light

Photography is all about capturing an image that is a reflection of light. No matter the technology, from chemical film to today's digital, the ideal shot is seizing the moment when the light frames the subject perfectly, whether it's a colorful sunset or a Rembrandt-lit face.

Your home tends to be a reflection of your personality and sense of aesthetics. Finishes, furnishings, color choices, and artwork all form a mosaic of your sense of style and what matters to you. The way your eyes see it every day can change with the way light reflects off of these objects. With tunable fixtures and lighting control, you can enhance the beauty of your carefully curated Chicago, IL home every day. Read on to see how!