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5 Ways to Simplify Your Life with Lighting Automation


Save Time, Energy, and Money with Lighting that Manages Itself

You may think home automation is all about convenience and luxury. While that is undeniably true, automation also has real benefits in energy efficiency and security. Perhaps the one area of home automation that delivers on every one of these benefits is smart lighting control.

It may come as no surprise that smart lighting is the catalyst that gets homeowners to invest in other smart home features. Once people experience the added convenience and comfort, they want more! And more smart control brings increased benefits, as features like climate control, motorized shades, and automated AV management bring added convenience, luxury, and efficiency when it all works together.

Let’s explore some ways you can use lighting automation to simplify and enhance your Chicago, IL lifestyle.

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How to Accentuate Your Interior Design with Lighting Control


Everything Looks Better in the Right Light

Photography is all about capturing an image that is a reflection of light. No matter the technology, from chemical film to today's digital, the ideal shot is seizing the moment when the light frames the subject perfectly, whether it's a colorful sunset or a Rembrandt-lit face.

Your home tends to be a reflection of your personality and sense of aesthetics. Finishes, furnishings, color choices, and artwork all form a mosaic of your sense of style and what matters to you. The way your eyes see it every day can change with the way light reflects off of these objects. With tunable fixtures and lighting control, you can enhance the beauty of your carefully curated Chicago, IL home every day. Read on to see how!


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