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How to Elevate Interior Design with Smart Lighting Control


Showcase Décor and Design in the Perfect Light 

As a design or build professional, you know how to create specific design flourishes and features that set your projects apart. Whether it's unique fireplaces, finishes, furnishings, layouts, or materials, you know how to create unique on-trend designs that exceed client expectations.  

As a residential design pro, you also know about the importance of light in a project and the overall feeling it conveys in a home. Does a house have "good light?" Does the light bring out the best of the interiors? One of the best ways to showcase your Hinsdale, IL home projects is with smart lighting control. Keep reading to see how you can use lighting control to enable your designs to be viewed in the perfect light.  


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Create Ambiance with LED Lighting 

You may already know about the advantages of LED lighting. If you have integrated lights in a soaring 30-foot ceiling, your client will appreciate that those bulbs may never need replacement due to LED's extraordinarily long life. But LED technology also lends itself well to different light designs. It can be shaped and molded into bulbs and fixtures that would be impossible to make with older incandescent or compact fluorescent (CFL) lighting. 

From a design standpoint, one of the best features of LED technology is its ability to control lighting hue and color in a fixture or bulb. Called tunable lighting, this feature enables LED lighting to change from cooler to warmer tones or to display a rainbow of colors. With tunable lighting, you can promote natural interior lighting that matches the day, with energizing, brighter, more intense blue light during the day and warmer, more relaxed lighting hues in the evening that signal the human body to wind down. 

The ability to tailor lighting intensity, color, and hue will let you highlight interior features like art walls, niches, and unique features. Your client will love the ability to customize the home's ambiance for any activity with the perfect atmosphere they desire.  


Smart Control 

Great lighting features are not as valuable unless they are easy to access and control. With a smart lighting control system, you can give clients multiple ways to control lighting for convenience, efficiency, and ambiance. Intelligent lighting lets your clients create and customize lighting scenes for times of the day and their activities. A "cooking" scene activated by one button on a custom wall keypad can turn on island lights, under-counter lights, and overhead lighting for just the right light for food preparation. A "TV" scene can dim family room lights to the ideal level for watching a show while keeping a set of lights on in the kitchen for needed snacks and drinks. 

When integrated with smart home automation, lighting can work hand in hand with AV entertainment, climate control, motorized window treatments, and other features to completely customize the home environment for any occasion or activity. Beyond keypads, smart lighting can be controlled with touchscreens, smartphone apps, and voice. And for automation without effort, schedules and geo-location can turn lights on and off and trigger scenes for the ultimate in lighting luxury.  


Bespoke Touches 

Smart lighting controls can also add luxurious design touches. For example, Lutron creates keypads that not only blend with décor but also enhance interiors. The Palladiom and seeTouch series keypads are backlit and custom etched for intuitive control, while a wide array of finishes and materials add a wow factor to the light switch. Lutron’s latest keypad, the Alisse, combines retro-modern appeal with cutting-edge lighting control for smarter lighting with timeless style.  


Work with Barrett’s Technology Solutions to bring the luxury of smart lighting control to your residential projects. Get started by calling us at (630) 898-2850 or contacting us here  – we look forward to working with you. 

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