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Get Ready for the Holiday Season with Savant Home Automation


How Home Automation Lets You Worry Less and Enjoy More

With Halloween just behind us, we’re now barreling headlong into the holiday season in Hinsdale. With it, the Illinois fall is also in full swing, and winter – well, it does come early here! But you can be ready for the holidays with a little help from a Savant home automation system. Savant's smart home features can take care of little things, give you peace of mind, and make holiday entertaining just a little easier.

There's a lot to do for the holidays. Whether it's ordering gifts, getting the house decorated, keeping the holiday lights working, or ensuring all the meals and parties are affairs to remember. As always, you’ll be busy! Let a Savant home automation systems take a bit of the load. Here are four of our favorite ways you can enjoy the holidays more with home automation.

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Corral the Holiday Lights

Depending on how elaborate your holiday lighting display is, we know they can be finicky. But Savant lighting control can help. Put your holiday lights on a schedule that keeps the neighborhood happy, the electric bill in check, and lights from burning out from overuse. Because what's more annoying than debugging errant holiday lights? With Savant’s elegant app, you can turn your holiday and outside lights on or off with a tap on the screen. So when you have that holiday party, you can set all your outside landscape lights and holiday ones for the perfect welcoming look.

Make Entertaining Effortless

Whether it's family and good friends for Thanksgiving or your annual Christmas party, let your Savant system create the mood with no effort. Create your holiday entertaining lighting scene with outside lights set for welcoming and safety, indoor lights dimmed in the right places, a well-lit kitchen, and other areas darker where you don’t want guests roaming. Then queue up your carefully curated holiday music playlist on your whole home audio system and adjust the volume as you want it across the house. Save all those settings in a scene that you can call up with a tap on your smartphone. When it’s time for the guests to arrive, the press of a button will set the mood in music and light.

Scare Away Porch Pirates

Like most everyone else, you will likely rely on the conveniences of many gift deliveries from your favorite online shopping sources. You might also be worried about an important package or two disappearing from your front door. Get peace of mind with your Savant system integrated with Ring security cameras. Monitor activity at your doorstep when a package gets delivered. You can also screen visitors and deliveries whether you are elsewhere in the house or out through the app, leaving delivery instructions. Porch pirates will think twice about targeting your home when you have smart video surveillance.

Beat the Winter Blues

Do shorter days and less sunlight in the Midwest winter get you down? You can bring in a little more nature in your home with Savant tunable lighting. Tunable lighting can change the color temperature of white light and also render a rainbow of colors. Tunable lighting can help simulate natural lighting and help maintain your Circadian rhythm for better mood, energy and sleep. As a bonus, Savant tunable lighting can make your house more festive with color that brings out the beauty of your home and sets the ambiance for the holidays.

Let Savant home automation ease you into the holiday season. To learn more about home automation solutions, call us at (630) 898-2850 or contact us here – we look forward to working with you!

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