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Think Motorized Window Treatments Are Just Shades? Think Again!


Discover All the Powered Window Treatment Options for Your Home 

Powered window treatments are an increasingly popular option for today’s smart homes. Once you have them, you never want to go back to manual ones. It's like power steering in cars – when was the last time you drove one with manual steering? Some things just make a lot of sense. With motorized window treatments, you have so many more options for managing the light in your home. 

You might hear the term motorized shades used with powered window treatments, and that’s because the roller shade type is the most common one. However, you might be surprised to learn that there is a powered window treatment for almost any kind of window! Keep reading below to learn about eight – yes, eight – types of motorized window treatments for your Chicago home. 

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Roller Shades

As we mentioned, shades are the most popular motorized type. However, an incredible variety of materials and styles will keep you and your interior designer busy mulling over the options. Various degrees of fabric transparency will let you manage light in every room, with blackout, light screening, and sheer materials available to fully customize your space. 


Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb styles are highly sought after for both aesthetic appeal and insulating properties. The cell design traps warm air inside for cold Illinois winters and keeps air cooler inside in the humid Midwest summer. With smart home control, you can raise and lower your shades to enjoy the sunlight or nighttime views without any pulls or drawstrings!


Horizontal Sheer Blinds

Like to filter light but see the view? Sheer blinds are the perfect option, combining the convenience of light control with blinds featuring beautiful fabrics and light diffusion. But unlike manual blinds, you can control these with the touch of a button or the sound of your voice!


Wood Blinds

Many love the look of wood blinds. How about fully powered ones with no pesky strings? Powered wood blinds, available in a wide array of colors and fade-resistant finishes, are so much more convenient than manual. You can manage the blind tilt to within 1/16th of an inch and do it for a house full of blinds with just one touch. Or raise and lower them at will and watch them all do it in perfect coordination, like synchronized swimmers!


Roman Shades

The simple elegance of Roman shades is a classic choice. Choose from a wide variety of materials and colors and the number of pleats and you can have fully customized, motorized window treatments. Manage them with a smartphone app, wall-mounted keypads, and even voice control with no drawstrings to distract from the elegant look. 


Powered Drapes

Like the elegant look of drapes? Power those too with drapery track systems. Use pinch pleat or ripplefold styles and make your windows open up dramatically like opening a curtain on a stage. 


Cable Guided Shades

Cable-guided solutions allow the use of motorized control for windows at angles, such as with vaulted ceilings. It will keep the shade in place, not to mention providing motorized control for hard-to-reach windows. They are also excellent for maintaining shades in place in areas with a lot of airflow.


Tensioned Shades

Need to shade a skylight at some times of the day? Tensioned shades are the answer, as they can go fully horizontal. And powered options even minimize the light gaps for excellent coverage and a neat look.


Did we convince you that there’s a motorized window treatment for every window in your home? To learn more, call us at (630) 898-2850 or contact us here – we look forward to working with you!

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