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3 Ways Home Automation Creates a More Luxurious Lake Geneva Home

Sun room in luxury house overlooking Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, with a TV and smart home automation control.

Make Your Vacation Home Easier to Manage and Secure

For many in the Chicagoland area, Lake Geneva has been a spring and summer escape for decompressing and getting away. Historically known as the “Newport of the West,” the area's natural beauty and grand summer homes have lured many for decades. While today’s summer homes may not have quite the same splendor of the past, like any second home or vacation property, they require attention and maintenance.

Shouldn’t a vacation home be more fun than work? We think so too, and with smart home automation, you can take some of the stress out of managing your Wisconsin getaway. Keep reading for three ways you can use smart technology to worry less and enjoy more.

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Relaxing or partying with your favorite entertainment should be easy. Enjoy effortless control over audio and video entertainment indoors and out. A whole-home audio system puts command of anything you want to hear in the palm of your hand. With multiple speakers in zoned areas of the house, you can call up any streaming music and direct it where you want. If the kids are enjoying the pool outside, they can rock to their music while you attempt to finish your summer thriller with a little reading music inside. Go even further with an integrated AV distribution system, and one intuitive interface that’s the same everywhere can call up streaming shows, movies, sports and more on any TV in the house, including outdoors.

Remote Monitoring and Control

Today’s smart technology offers unprecedented control of home functions from anywhere with an internet connection. Equip your home with smart locks, and you can grant temporary access to anyone who needs it and also know that your doors and entries are locked and secured. Keep an eye on your front door with video doorbells, and use high-resolution smart cameras to detect any activity in and around your house while you’re away. And if the house is being used for a party by your college-age kids, you can peek in from your European trip to ensure the things don’t get too crazy.

Privacy and Security

Your property may be unoccupied for long periods in the off-seasons. Make it look less lonely with a little automation. Lighting control can be programmed to turn lights on and off in natural patterns to avoid a dark house and keep any would-be trespassers guessing. You can also add motorized shading that synchronizes with the lights and gain the bonus of managing the sun to protect interiors and maintain temperate indoor temperatures. Motion sensors and smart cameras can cover the home inside and out and send notifications should any suspicious activity occur. Of course, you can tie all your entries and smart cameras to a monitored alarm system for additional protection.

Are you ready for an easier-to-manage Lake Geneva property? Barrett’s Technology Solutions can tailor a home automation solution that fits your lifestyle. Call us at (630) 898-2850 or contact us here to get started – we look forward to working with you.

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