What You Get When Working with a Technology Integrator

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You Don’t Hire a Plumber to Do Your Electrical

The words “technology integrator” might seem amorphous to you. You intuitively know other home-related professions and trades, like architects, interior designers, plumbing, electrical, and carpentry. Is a technology integrator a jack of all electronic trades? Is it an elevated title for a company that does low-voltage wiring?

When it comes to Barrett’s Technology Solutions, we can answer both of the questions above with a hesitant “Yes," but technology integration is much more than electronic expertise and installation. So let's explore our vision of what it means to be a technology integrator – and what we can do in your Hinsdale, IL, home.

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Barrett's has been serving customers in the Chicagoland area since 1966. Since then, we have changed our name and evolved our business to reflect how home technology has changed. While a long history is not necessary for providing technology integration services, reputation and relationships count. We have successfully worked with many builders, architects, designers, and homeowners to integrate smart home automation, audio/video solutions, and outdoor entertainment in countless projects. We understand how to work with the design/build community and how to integrate technology with décor to create environments that are equally functional and visually appealing.


Today’s technology integrators must be experts in a wide range of technologies. Modern systems are highly software and connectivity driven, a far cry from the analog and electronic entertainment and automation solutions of the past. That means an integrator must understand software programming for specific systems, networking protocols, compatibility between solutions, and more. Internet connectivity is essential in the home and equally so for most of today’s entertainment and smart automation solutions. Thorough knowledge of networking and wireless protocols is also critical as the underpinning for home technology solutions. What about wiring and installing electronics? We still need to have those skills too! It's not all software; we still have to integrate a variety of electronic systems and also address wiring plans, installation locations, power needs, and more.


A technology integrator must also be a collaborator with all stakeholders in the process of creating the residential project. They must understand the client's needs and wants and translate that into a solution that best addresses them, including showing them things they might not have known about! They must also propose and install solutions that fit both the design vision for the project and the plan for building it. This entails collaboration with designers, builders, and trades at every step of the way. It also means working with these collaborators in the same professional manner, with detailed plans and professional project management techniques and skills.

Technology integrator isn’t a fancy name for something simple and mundane. If you are looking to seamlessly integrate home technology into your lifestyle, you need a firm with deep experience and expertise. Look for more in this blog space about our services and unique aspects that set us apart. You can also call us at (630) 898-2850 or contact us here  – we look forward to hearing from you!

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