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How a Modern Video Surveillance System Secures Your Home


Keep Your Lake Geneva Property Safer All Year Round

Is your Lake Geneva property a summer escape or a year-round residence? Either way, you’ll want to keep your Wisconsin home safe while you’re there or away. When you pack up at the end of summer, a modern video surveillance system can help keep an eye on your home from anywhere. Keep reading below to learn about the latest features and options in home video surveillance.

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Intelligent Video Cameras

It would be hard not to notice how much smartphone cameras have improved in just the past five years. The quality of the pictures and the amazing things done in software instead of hardware can be chalked up to two main things – dramatic increases in processing power and improvements in artificial intelligence software. What does this mean for security cameras?

Security cameras have been taking advantage of the same technological advances to deliver accurate motion detection, people and vehicle detection, night vision, recognizing labels and license plates, and more. This means you’ll also receive intelligent notifications when something important happens rather than needless pings for insignificant activity. Plus, if you need to find footage of a specific event, this added intelligence makes it easy to search.

Integrated Entry Systems

If your Lake Geneva property is a part-time residence, occasionally rented, or used by friends and family, you'll appreciate the latest entry systems that integrate a security camera. Solutions like Savant entry systems package a wide-angle camera with recording capability, 2-way intercom, and smart lock capabilities. You can get notified of visitors, grant temporary access, and otherwise monitor and control who has access to your home from anywhere.

Savant and Ring have also teamed up to bring the convenience of Ring Professional surveillance cameras and video doorbells into the Savant smart home system, providing seamless integration of home automation and surveillance features.

Smart Home Integration

While security systems have been around for decades, sensors and alarms were more reactive than proactive. Today, smart video surveillance and home automation have made security much more powerful.

For example, an automated routine can turn on outdoor and indoor lights if a camera detects unexpected activity. Surveillance and video doorbell cameras can be programmed to monitor only certain portions of a view, so you only trigger an alert if a person or vehicle is detected and close enough to intrude on your property. Then, a resulting automated action might be to notify you, turn on lights, trigger an alarm or audible warning, or even call the authorities.

You’ll also know much more detail, as you can access multiple camera views from your app to see exactly where any activity is happening around your property.

Barrett’s Technology Solutions can take your home security to the next level with the latest video surveillance systems. Call us at (630) 898-2850 or contact us here to get started – we look forward to working with you.

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