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Our Summer Safety Checklist for your Home Surveillance System


Barrett’s Technology Solutions shares which safety gear makes the biggest impact during this vulnerable season!

As the heat rises, so does the prevalence of crime. In fact, studies have shown that most varieties of criminal activity peak during the summer -- seeing an increase of more than 10 percent.

Research cites many reasons that this could occur. Homeowners are away longer for vacations, or they’re opening windows to invite the fresh lake breezes. Some psychologists have mentioned that warmer weather and increased alcohol consumption result in increased crime compared to temperate climates.

No matter the root cause, it’s our job at Barrett’s Technology Solutions to prepare your home in Lincoln Park and throughout Chicago for anything. That’s why today, we’re giving you a comprehensive home safety and surveillance system checklist that not only compensates for summer mishaps but also pays off all year.

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Smart Locks

Smart locks help protect your property at multiple entry points, such as doorways and gates. Smart locks let familiar people in by using a door code, unique PIN or even biometric (thumbprint) access.. Many residents choose to connect this feature to video doorbells so that they can video chat with the person at the door before unlocking it.

This feature protects you by eliminating the real possibility that someone could find that key you’ve hidden under your mat and break in. Do you often find yourself forgetting to lock the door behind you as you leave? Integrated locks help with that: Just one click from a smartphone app secures the door behind you.


Sensors work by picking up infrared or microwave signals to detect movement around your home and send you notifications when they detect activity. Many sensors are built into security cameras, which we’ll discuss further below.

Security Cameras and Surveillance

You can detect and stop most criminals in their tracks with high-quality security cameras and surveillance. We recommend pan-zoom-tilt cameras to catch every angle of the surrounding activity. With remote monitoring features, you can view surveillance footage in real time whether you’re home or on the other side of the globe. Meanwhile, an alert system instantly informs you of anything suspicious via text, email, or push notification.

Outdoor Lighting

Hard as it might be at first to believe, smart lighting does more than highlighting your outdoor areas for aesthetic purposes, serving as an expected, though potent, security tool. Using motion detection sensors, your home surveillance system can sense activity and trigger a response from your smart lighting. If it looks as though someone is entering your home, vandalizing your property or stealing a package off the porch at night, you can be sure that flashing lights will scare them off.

Mockupancy Solutions

Whole-home security systems can use occupancy-mimicking features to deter criminals. When you’re at home, your lights might dim around the same time each evening as you eat dinner and wind down.

You might also close your motorized shades or have them automated to close at the same time each night. Create the illusion that you’re home when you’re miles away by programming a mock-occupancy or “mockupancy” scene that ensures all these elements operate on timers.

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