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Four Ways to Amp Up Your Outdoor Entertainment this Spring and Summer

An outdoor space with a dinner party in the late evening. An outdoor TV is installed under a porch roof.

Got Cabin Fever? Take the Entertainment Outside

Spring in Chicago may not be the warmest in North America, but we can look forward to more temperate days and opportunities to get outside. Plus, it means summer is around the corner! With winter in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to cure cabin fever and get outside.

Getting outside is even easier when all you have to do is step out onto your patio or yard. Want a way to make the most of it? Just add audio and video entertainment! Explore some fun ideas for outdoor entertainment at home below.

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Host a Playoff Party

The good news is – the Bulls are in the playoffs! The bad news is – they’re up against last year’s NBA champs Milwaukee Bucks in the first round. It’s the battle of Midwest basketball bragging rights! But you still have fun cheering them on with your friends on an outdoor TV and sound system. What can be more fun than an NBA playoff evening game sitting on your patio with the outdoor fireplace aglow, enjoying some Goose Island beer? The Bulls winning, of course. And if they don’t, you can still reminisce about the Jordan three-peat days and watch the rest of the playoffs, enjoying the excellent visuals and sound from your weatherproof Séura outdoor TV and Coastal Source speakers.

Outdoor Yoga

You may have that wonderful Peloton and Bowflex equipped exercise room for anytime exercise at home, but a little fresh air outside is good too. How about yoga on the patio? It’s easy on your outdoor TV to follow along with a class. Just bring the exercise mat outside!

Work from Home, Outdoor Style

If you are working remotely or in hybrid mode, why not get a change of scenery outdoors? Great network connectivity is also essential for outdoor entertainment. Install a wireless access point for strong wireless connectivity for your laptop and other devices and get the added bonus of access to all your favorite streaming music and video entertainment outdoors. Another plus: with the right setup on your outdoor TV, you can use your big screen for video conferences, viewing presentations and videos, and more. Your office, outdoors!

Simply Relax

Whether you want to sit outside and catch up on social media, read a good book, or research your next vacation destination, a little outdoor music can set the mood for you. Make it relaxed, or put on an energetic playlist to fit your whim of the moment. No matter how you roll, the fresh air and tunes are bound to make you feel refreshed.

Want to know more about entertainment options to create your outdoor wonderland? To get started, call us at (630) 898-2850 or contact us here  – we look forward to working with you!

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