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Create an Outdoor Fun Zone with Audio and Video Entertainment


Spring Is the Perfect Time to Bring the Entertainment Outside 

With spring around the corner, longer days are just ahead. There is something about the longer days with Daylight Savings Time that turns your thoughts to the outdoors. We know this is Illinois, and we can still get a spring snowfall, but anyway you look at it, warmer, sunnier days are just ahead.  

Spring traditionally is a time to start planning home projects. After the winter, many Naperville homeowners turn their attention to backyards and landscapes. It’s time to get the pool ready, the outdoor furniture uncovered and cleaned up, and spruce up the landscape with annuals. While you’re attacking all those projects, consider a way to add another dimension to your outdoor spring and summer fun with an outdoor audio and video system. Explore some ideas below to create your own outdoor oasis that will have you spending more much-needed time al fresco. 


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Outdoor Audio 

The most popular outdoor entertainment solution is audio. It's not hard to see why. Music can set the mood for relaxing on the patio on a Sunday afternoon with a good book, energize a summer pool party, or create the ambiance for cocktails and dinner with friends on a warm evening. Whether you like relaxing background music, rock and roll, or have audiophile golden ears for your eclectic music collection, there's an outdoor audio system that will satisfy you. You can choose from various brands and styles that range from outdoor speaker specialists to outdoor series from some of the best-known hi-fi audio companies.  

Spring is the perfect time to plan for your outdoor audio setup. As you work on the landscape plan, our expert team can help plan the right layout to provide even, rich sound in all the areas you want it. Your speakers can be heard and not seen with discreet buried subwoofers and satellites, or you can have the equivalent of tower speakers for outdoors with a powerful punch that makes a statement. With the right planning, your system will be ready with your spring updates for seasons of enjoyment.  


Outdoor Video 

Don't stop at audio for your outdoor entertainment. Today's outdoor TVs offer more options than ever before. All of the outdoor TVs we install are weatherized to protect against heat, cold, humidity, and even bugs. The latest models go big with an 86-inch screen, 4K resolution, and the latest HDR technology for high contrast vivid pictures. Outdoor TVs also pack special screen coatings and high-brightness capability for outdoor viewing in bright lighting conditions. You can choose from models designed for full shade like covered patios, full sun by a pool or uncovered deck, or others that go in-between and adjust to changing light conditions. So, you can enjoy a Cubs or White Sox game while you grill, float in the pool and watch a movie outdoors, or follow a favorite yoga class on the patio and get more out of your outdoor spaces. 


The Setting 

Nothing creates an ambiance like lighting. Along with your entertainment setup, consider your outside lighting. You can create a beautiful nighttime atmosphere with a well-designed landscape lighting plan. Light up the pool, notable trees, and garden areas. Control it all with a lighting control system that gives you one-button control to set a scene. Create one for an evening pool swim, an outdoor dinner party, or for watching a movie or show on your outdoor TV. Your outdoor lighting can also create safer walkways and entryways and serve as another element of your smart security system

When thinking about outdoor entertainment, lighting, and smart control and automation, it's important to remember one of the foundational elements that make it run: robust connectivity. Your home network needs to extend to the outdoors for your audio, video, and control system to work smoothly. Not only that but with a robust network outside, you can do everything you do inside. Take that Zoom meeting outside on your laptop, have your kids do schoolwork outside, or relax and catch up on reading on your tablet. A strong home network will be the bedrock of your outdoor zone.   


Now is the perfect time to extend your indoor audio and video entertainment outdoors. Reach out to Barrett’s Technology Solutions at (630) 898-2850 or contact us here to get started. We look forward to working with you. 

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