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3 Features to Look For in Home Surveillance Systems


Gain More Flexibility and Security with Pro-Level Solutions

You don’t have to look hard these days for home security devices. A myriad of cameras, video doorbells, sensors, and other consumer electronic devices are available for do-it-yourself home security and surveillance.

So are these products effective home surveillance systems for your Chicago, IL home? The answer depends on your needs. The devil, as they say, is often in the details. We won't tell you these consumer solutions are not effective; they are. On the other hand, we'd like to point out some of the advantages you get with a professional-level solution. And, when consumer solutions start offering the level of features that professional solutions have, their pricing starts looking much more expensive as well.

Let's take a closer look and give you a better awareness of three critical features of home surveillance systems, which will help you make informed choices.

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Higher Grade Cameras

When it comes to TVs and smartphone cameras, you likely know that 4K is rapidly becoming the new standard for video. In surveillance cameras - especially consumer systems – that has come more slowly. If you want to capture footage in the best quality and detail, you might consider future-proofing your system with 4K capability. Luma, one of our preferred surveillance camera brands, has recently released its 410 Series outdoor cameras with 8MP 4K resolutions. The higher resolution sensor captures more light and detail and also improves contrast and low-light performance.

Why is higher resolution important? The more data, the more you can analyze. Just as with the high-resolution camera on your smartphone, you'll be able to zoom in on an object and see it clearly. With today's artificial intelligence-driven video analytics, you can get more accurate identification of faces, vehicles, animals, or other objects that may be in your video feeds.


Secure Local vs. Cloud Storage

Most consumer surveillance cameras store video footage in the cloud. Many of them charge a subscription fee for some amount of storage, the amount of time it’s kept, and your access to it. Some folks understandably might not want a large amount of video footage stored in the cloud for security and privacy reasons, and some well-publicized security breaches have occurred.

We recommend a local storage solution, such as the network video recorders from Visualint, for various reasons. One, you can store far more footage with a local solution on high capacity hard disks. Two, these systems are highly expandable if you want to add more cameras to your system. Three, you can easily view multiple feeds from several cameras on your smartphone or computer from wherever you have an internet connection. Four, you'll only be paying once for the system, not a recurring fee for video storage and access. And five, your footage stays at home, where it's not being analyzed for any other purposes. Local storage solutions also have advanced features like notifications, facial and object recognition, and more so you can stay in-the-know on all the activity around your property.


Smart Home Integration

We believe all smart solutions are more powerful when they work together. Surveillance is no exception. The systems we recommend and install can be integrated with a smart home system like Savant to offer complete home protection. Your surveillance system can be an integral part of your home control system.

When you leave your house, your system can be set to record everywhere, along with arming your alarm system and turning on specific lights when you are away as the daylight fades. When you return, sensors can automatically turn off the system's indoor cameras for your privacy – but continue to monitor the perimeter of your house outside.  If your doorbell rings, the system could put the video feed of the door on the nearest TV screen to you in the house. These are just a few examples of what you can do with smart integration.


Let Barrett’s Technology Solutions show you a higher level of home surveillance solutions.  Call us at (630) 898-2850 or contact us here to get started – we look forward to working with you.

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