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Why Partnering with a Home Automation Integrator Is Essential

An open kitchen space

Create the Ideal Living Spaces with Ease

Home automation has become integral to modern living, and homeowners expect the latest technology in their new builds! From smart lighting and climate control to whole-home security systems and voice-activated assistants, the demand for connected homes is skyrocketing.

For designers, architects, and contractors, meeting this demand requires a deep understanding of home automation systems and the expertise to integrate them seamlessly into new builds. This is where partnering with a home automation integrator becomes invaluable. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of working with our team!

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3 Ways Savant Enhances Your Smart Home Experience


Explore the Latest in Lighting Control, Video Distribution and Energy Management

One reason we love working with our premier control system partners, Savant, is their constant innovation. Every year they release new technology to improve their existing solutions and accommodate the latest smart home trends. As Savant dealers, it's our job to keep you up to date with their most recent innovations and help you upgrade your Savant home system.

The newest releases this year include lighting fixtures that enhance your wellbeing, a whole new way to watch video, and a smarter way to manage energy in your Chicago, IL home. Here we highlight each of these new features and offer additional information on how each will affect your day-to-day lifestyle.

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How a Smart Home Can Change Your Life


You Can Have It All – Efficiently, Too! 

Do luxury, economy, and efficiency mix? Can you have your luxury and enjoy it guilt-free, too? When it comes to smart home technology, we say yes. Rarely can you claim that something that provides more comfort and luxury is also a choice that offers economies and efficiencies. As a smart home company serving the Lake Geneva, WI area for many years, we’re going to stake that claim. Keep reading below to see how we make the case! 

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