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Enjoy Movie Nights Under the Stars and By the Pool


Bring the Best Entertainment to Your Outdoor Spaces with an Outdoor Home Theater 

As the lines between our outdoor and indoor spaces blur, extending our living areas defines the ultimate luxury lifestyle. Outside kitchens, fireplaces, and furniture seamlessly connect the indoors and the backyard. In many instances, today’s outdoor spaces resemble additions—another room that’s usually one of the most popular in your home. 

These “rooms” are often equipped with the latest outdoor audio and video, creating an entertainment space that rivals its indoor counterpart. The ultimate entertainment in this area is the outdoor home theater that delivers crystal-clear images and all-encompassing surround sound to the great outdoors.

Let’s explore the makings of an outdoor home theater for your Hinsdale, IL, home.

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Relax More with Easy-to-Use Smart Home Technology

A living area with sheer drapes and a flat-screen TV.

Work with a Smart Home Company Committed to Effortless Living

As a leading smart home company and audio-video expert serving Hinsdale, IL, and the surrounding areas for over five decades, we’ve watched technology evolve dramatically. Today, smart homes offer incredible ease of living once unimaginable. 

Throughout the years, we’ve remained committed to making complex technology simple, providing effortless living for many clients. With one touch or automated scheduling, you control your lights, climate, security, audio-video devices, and more. Better yet, let your smart home do it for you. 

Let’s explore the many possibilities in smart home living and the ease of operation a smart home system provides. 

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How Savant Smart Home Design Improves Your Daily Life

A homeowner using her Savant platform for entertainment.

Step into a Life of Luxury with a Savant Smart Home

Imagine living in a home that adjusted around your preferences and your schedules without having to lift a finger. Your Chicago, IL, home’s lights would always be how you like them, your shades could open and close at the exact right times throughout the day, and you’d have the peace of mind that your home is always secure. 

Sound too good to be true? With a Savant smart home design, this could be your daily reality! Savant’s home automation platform can integrate smart home technology throughout your home into one comprehensive system that makes managing your house easier than ever. Keep reading to learn more about Savant and see how home automation can make your life better every single day.

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What Are the Essential Components of a Dedicated Home Theater?

A luxurious Chicago dedicated home theater with comfortable sofa seating, a large screen, and a surround sound system.

Here Are the Main Parts You’ll Want to Get Right

Home cinemas can be very complicated projects. If you are looking to build a dedicated home theater in your Chicago, IL, home, you might be surprised at the myriad of details involved, from the technical to the aesthetic. That’s one great reason you’ll want to hire a professional for the design and installation for the best results. 

In this post, we’ll break down the essential elements of a dedicated home theater space. Each of those elements has many details to implement, but if you get these areas right from the start, you're on your way to many blissful hours of immersive home entertainment. Keep reading!

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